Homeowners Notice Amazon Driver’s ‘Random Act Of Patriotism’

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Is patriotism declining in America? Not according to one couple from Michigan who became choked up over an Amazon driver’s quiet but strong gesture showing his love of America. It was all caught on video.

Tom Jenni Dexter
Tom and Jenni Dexter (Credit: Screenshot)

Homeowners Tom and Jenni Dexter from Saginaw, Michigan are patriotic Americans who have been troubled by reports that our country is on a downward projection and that patriotism is at an all-time low. They proudly display the American flag that is attached to the front of their house.

With negative headlines about the state of our country on their minds, Tom said he was about to leave the house one day when he noticed an Amazon driver’s patriotic act captured on the door security camera. The driver was Delawrence Jones who took the time to untangle the Dexters’ American flag. But that’s not all. Tom watched as the driver then stood at attention and saluted the flag before he got back in his van.

Amazon driver Delawerence Jones untangles the flag (Credit: YouTube)

The Dexters, a military family, were choked up by what they witnessed. “We were brought to tears by it,” Jenni said. “He was showing respect to the flag, to us, and America.” Jenni went the extra mile and identified the driver as Delawrence Jones, and she was able to find him on social media.

Jones, who usually drives in a different area, said that day was the first time he had stopped at the Dexters’ home while covering another driver’s route. Jenni then contacted Jones via social media and asked permission to share the video. It quickly went viral, proving Americans are looking for something uplifting that shows love for our country.

Delawerence Jones salutes the flag (Credit: YouTube)

Jenni also thanked the patriotic driver and asked why he chose to salute their flag. “Well, it was me being me, showing respect and honor to the American flag,” Jones said. “No matter what is going on in our country, I firmly believe that we should still have pride in the greatest country on earth. That side of me, I will never let go.”

The story was then picked up by Fox News, which brought the Dexters and Jones together for an interview. Speaking on the morning show Fox & Friends First, Tom revealed what happened when he saw the ring camera video. “I got a little choked up,” he said while sitting alongside Jones. “He took the time to honor the flag, honor the country and he appreciates what we appreciate.”

Tom Jenni Dexter
Tom and Jenni Dexter with Delawerence Jones on Fox & Friends First (Credit: Screenshot)

The morning show appearance was the first time the Dexters and Jones met face-to-face after the gesture that left the couple with tears in their eyes. “It touches my heart,” Jenni said, adding that the family has nearly a dozen members that have served the country. “We can feel it in the country that patriotism is down,” Jenni said. “If we can all do little things like this, I think it’ll make a difference.”

The delivery driver said it was not the first time or the last time he will show his patriotism on the job, adding what the couple witnessed was simply “the right thing to do.” Despite one Wall Street Journal poll showing American patriotism is waning, another report is a bit more optimistic.

According to the Statista Research Department, 65 percent of the American population seems to be very to extremely proud to be American, and they aren’t afraid to show it off. Around 64 percent of the population owns an American flag, and around 51 percent own apparel branding patriotic imagery or symbols. Interestingly, patriotism also seems to span the generations, with Millennials being slightly less patriotic than the Gen X’ers or even the Baby Boomers.

There are plenty of Americans who share common values, despite the mainstream media’s constant attempt to divide us. The best part of the video wasn’t just the salute but the gentle touch of the cloth as Delawerence Jones turned to walk away. It’s the little things we do when no one is looking (or we think that no one is looking) that truly define us as people and show our true character.