Boy Sends Text Asking Girl For Bra Pic, Her Dad Messages Back

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A teen boy decided to ask his female crush for a photo bearing a bit more skin than would be appropriate. Specifically, he wanted the young girl to send him a “bra pic.” Unfortunately for him, the teen girl’s father caught wind of the request and quickly put a stop to it when he responded — and it was perfect.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Rod Parrish, the proud and protective father of a teen girl, wasn’t too pleased when he learned that a teenage boy had texted his daughter, asking for a photo of her in her bra. Rod decided he had the perfect response, and after pulling out a few important props, he posed for a photo, which was sent to the boy and also posted on Facebook.

“So this teenage boy texts my daughter and ask for a bra pic. This is what she sent him,” Rod wrote alongside a photo of himself that was sent to the teen boy. “I think I made my point!” Rod added. With just one look, it becomes pretty clear that he did. The boy got a bra pic, but it definitely was not the one he was hoping for.

Rod Parrish Boy Sends Text Asking Girl For Bra Pic Her Dad Intercepts Messages Back
Rod Parrish responded with this photo. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The photo quickly caught the attention of the Facebook page Survival Skills Zone, which reposted it with the caption, “His teenage daughter got a text from a boy saying ‘Send me a bra pic’ — this was her dad’s response.” Indeed, Rod had posed for the perfect picture that was then allegedly sent to his daughter’s admirer.

As we can see, it appears Rod fetched a bra. Then, he put it on and posed for the photo, wearing nothing but the brassiere from the waist up. We can guess that the man’s hairy chest was not what the teen boy had hoped to see, but there was something in the image that the girl’s crush probably disliked seeing even more.

Rod Parrish Boy Sends Text Asking Girl For Bra Pic Her Dad Intercepts Messages Back
Rod Parrish (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Accessorizing the unusual outfit was a firearm, held firmly in the father’s hand just below the bra the boy had asked to see. If that wasn’t enough to scare some sense into the teen, there was also a rifle propped against the wall in the corner in the background of the photo.

Although it can’t be confirmed whether the story behind the photo is true or was simply posted to be funny, it sent a message to any boy who might contemplate asking any girl for such a photo: That’s someone’s daughter, and you never know who might discover your text and decide to respond.

Rod Parrish Boy Sends Text Asking Girl For Bra Pic Her Dad Intercepts Messages Back
Jordan Parrish (Photo Credit: Facebook)

While the image is likely nothing more than just a joke, we do have to point out an important issue for anyone who might consider doing anything remotely similar. Whether loaded or not, every gun should be treated and handled as if it is loaded. That means Rod made a mistake. As he tried to show proper discipline as a father, he neglected trigger discipline as a gun owner since his finger is on the trigger.

One of the most important gun safety rules is to ensure your finger is absolutely off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot and you have your eye on your intended target. Since he obviously never intended to fire the weapon for the photo and he isn’t even looking in the direction the gun is pointed, Rod’s finger should not have been on the trigger.

Stock photo demonstrating proper trigger discipline. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Regardless, we can’t argue with the fact that the picture effectively got across the point the dad wanted to make. Guns don’t kill people, but dads with pretty daughters might if they are forced to defend their little girl. But, of course, there were those who did not approve of Rod’s methods, especially since the gun appears to be only a .22. However, that just goes to show, he’s not out to kill the boy, just to scare him into being a bit more respectful. There really doesn’t seem to be any harm in that.

What’s more, this photo and Rod’s response also indicate a few examples of positive parenting that should be applauded. This dad is obviously involved in his daughter’s life, and the two seem to have pretty open communication about things that would be difficult for a father and daughter to talk about. He’s not only involved, but he’s also protective and concerned about her well-being. Perhaps more dads should be as concerned with whether or not their daughters are being shown the respect they deserve.