Influencer’s Photos Set Internet On Fire After She Reveals Her Age

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A Japanese model’s “incredibly stunning” photos shocked netizens and then went viral after the Asian beauty revealed her real age.

Risa Hirako
Risa Hirako (Credit: YouTube)

Risa Hirako, a Japanese model, gained international attention after her Instagram images went viral. Because of her youthful appearance, Hirako’s admirers couldn’t believe the Asian social media star was older than 25. The attractive beauty had received numerous requests to disclose her skincare routine.

Others wondered about her true age. Professional models, in general, are on the younger side. Their careers begin at a very young age, and every attempt is made to use their baby faces and youthful bodies in glossy magazine spreads and on fashion runways.

So, when Risa Hirako finally revealed that she was 51 years old when the viral photos were taken, netizens freaked out.

“Risa Hirako is 51 years old. Let that blow your mind this morning” one person wrote on Twitter, which rapidly went viral.

“She literally looks half her age,” said another.

“I refused to believe it,” posted another netizen.

“She can’t be a day over 25, I feel like this has to be a joke,” posted one commenter in disbelief. “I need her to drop her beauty routine right now.”

Another wrote: “She looks younger than me, and I’m 24. Dying to know her secrets.”

Other social media users had a different take on Hirako’s age-defying appearance. More than a few claimed Asians age very well.

“It’s mostly genetics. Then you get into clean living and a good healthy diet,” posted one commenter.

“Asian’s age fabulously, very common,” another wrote.

“No bloody secret. It’s all about someone’s DNA. Unlike Westerners who look older than Asians,” one netizen added.

One photographer took a closer look at Risa Hirako’s photos and claimed the images were somewhat doctored.

“I’m a photographer who works with Photoshop a lot. I’m sure this is a beautiful woman with good advice, however, I detect Photoshop used on these pictures. Easy to look younger with technology.”

A few critics claimed that Hirako must have had plastic surgery and possibly other cosmetic procedures to look so young.

“Yeah…her secret is surgery and some filters,” wrote one detractor.

“Botox, costly (skin) Dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels can really help with a youthful look,” another posted. “But, even with all that help it doesn’t explain just how amazing she looks for being over 50.”

Hirako revealed her beauty secrets after breaking her silence on her age. She attributes her success to her healthy lifestyle. She frequently discusses the advantages of eating nutritious organic meals, staying hydrated, and getting outside to enjoy nature on a regular basis.

“Try to eat organic foods and use organic products as much as possible,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “And try to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for 24hrs.”

Whenever Risa Hirako gets out to enjoy the sun, she is always seen wearing a hat and protective clothes to shield her from harmful UV rays. Hirako, who used to be married to Japanese actor Eisaku Yoshida, also keeps fans up-to-date via all her social media accounts, where she revealed she was born on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1971.

Many of Hirako’s followers also say that her chic fashion choices and trendy hair and makeup styles help to keep her looking young. Posting different meals on Instagram, she is seen eating healthy and balanced foods such as avocado on toast, fruit smoothies, and plenty of green tea. She continues to advertise cosmetics and lingerie to her Instagram fans, proving that age is just a number in the beauty industry.