Mom Delivers Instant Justice To Man Allegedly Abusing Daughter

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When a young woman told her mother that her boyfriend had allegedly abused her and that she was ready to move out of the home the couple shared, the Texas mom showed up to ensure her daughter stayed safe. Little did the boyfriend know that when he challenged the mom by yelling, “Just shoot me,” she wouldn’t hesitate to act.

Patricia Conlon
Patricia Conlon (Credit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office)

Jenny Archer, Patricia Conlon’s daughter, reported “ongoing domestic abuse” by her boyfriend Josh Troutte to police beginning in 2021. Archer stated she was ending the relationship and leaving the home they shared in east Dallas, Texas.

Archer reportedly told police that Troutte was physically abusive and that he hit her in the face with a cell phone one day before she chose to move out. The young woman asked her mother if she could come to the house and assist her in packing her personal belongings. Conlon contacted the police before she arrived to help her daughter move out, hoping to prevent Troutte from becoming violent.

Jenny Archer with ex-boyfriend Josh Troutte (Credit: Facebook)

Conlon arrived at the house and entered through a side door. Conlon initially said that when she entered the house, she was carrying a handgun in her purse. According to the Dallas Morning News, she eventually admitted that she was already holding the gun in her hand when she arrived.

According to the affidavit, Conlon later told authorities that she only intended to hold Troutte at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest him for striking her daughter above the eye with a phone. Troutte has a long criminal history and previously pleaded guilty to assault and domestic violence in 2018.

Patricia Conlon
Jenny Archer with her mom Patricia Conlon (Credit: Facebook)

A roommate who lived in the house reported a fight between Josh Troutte and Patricia Conlon. Troutte yelled, “Just shoot me!” according to the roommate. At that point, shots were fired. Conlon allegedly stated that she only shot Troutte after he grabbed her arm and yanked her hair, alleging that “she was afraid for her life.” Troutte died as a result of his injuries.

According to Dallas police, a visibly armed Conlon “provoked” Troutte by entering his residence while wielding a gun. Conlon was arrested for “provoking” Troutte and for the underlying “lack of reasonableness in her actions involved in the use of deadly force,” according to police, who stated she was unable to properly claim self-defense.

Josh Troutte (Credit: Facebook)

Social media users came to Patricia Conlon’s defense. “She’s actually right about self-defense here, either on her behalf or her daughter’s,” wrote one supporter. “It doesn’t matter that she showed up armed. Cops shouldn’t play lawyers in charging decisions like this – just send the reports to a DA and have a correct legal decision at least.”

Another posted, “Good job, mom!!! You did what you had to do. Everything will work out for you.” A third person wrote, “When you LAWFULLY point a gun at another and that other person then attempts to forcefully disarm you, is there not a reasonable belief that the gun will be turned upon you? Do or die time is it not?”

Patricia Conlon
Patricia Conlon with daughter Jenny Archer (Credit: Screenshot)

Meanwhile, Jenny Archer took to Facebook and wrote about loving Josh Troutte, despite the consequences. “In respect to those hurting I have no interest in publicly sharing anything horrible that would show a clearer picture,” she posted. “This is never what I wanted…I loved someone unconditionally despite unimaginably bad consequences at every turn, and I’m desperately trying to find a way to process these events.”

Patricia Conlon also posted in the comments section on a news report about the shooting. “Thank you to those of you who have sent their support during this difficult time,” she said. “I am grateful for all the prayers from so many. This is a difficult and heartbreaking situation for both families, and it’s taken a toll on so many. Please keep the prayers coming for all involved. And please let’s make a stand against domestic violence.”