Millionaire Exposes Fiancee’s ‘Dirty’ Secret At Engagement Party

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One lavish engagement party went all wrong after the would-be groom grabbed a microphone and exposed his fiancee’s “dirty” secret. The video of the shocking incident went viral.

Massimo Segre
Massimo Segre (left), Cristina Seymandi (right) (Credit: Facebook/Facebook)

Massimo Segre, an Italian millionaire banker, was about to marry his fiancée when his aspirations were smashed. To celebrate his forthcoming wedding with entrepreneur and politician Cristina Seymandi, the groom-to-be initially invited over 150 renowned guests to his luxurious mansion in Turin. But at the last minute, Massimo altered his plans.

The extravagant engagement party was underway when the millionaire grabbed the mic to give a speech with Cristina by his side. Instead of the traditional romantic words for the bride-to-be, Massimo had prepared a speech that would shock Italian high society and leave his fiancée speechless.

Luxury residence in Turin, Italy (Credit: YouTube)

Massimo was a rejected man who presented a speech filled with claims of sexual and emotional adultery. “I want to give Cristina the freedom to love. Specifically, to love another person, a notable lawyer, who she clearly cares about more than me,” he began, according to a translation by the New York Post. “Dear Cristina, I know how much you are in love with him mentally and sexually.”

Stunned, Cristina looked around the room of some 150 guests for support as her fiance shared photos of her with another man. “I know that before him, you had a relationship with an industrialist acquaintance,” Massimo said, adding another cheating allegation to the mix.

As Massimo Segre exposes his fiancée with allegations of cheating, Cristina Seymandi looks stunned. (Credit: YouTube)

“Don’t think it pleases me to look like a cuckold in front of all of you,” Massimo said. “Cristina is so good at telling her truths that I couldn’t leave her alone to narrate the reason why I’m ending [our] life together tonight,” he went on to assert. “It’s a banal story of infidelity, even premarital. I am so disappointed; I am heartbroken.”

The upset millionaire then wished his now ex-fiancée well, before telling her to go to Mykonos with her lover, as the holiday—perhaps the honeymoon—was already paid for. After his speech was over, the lights dimmed and Massimo left the stage. Italian media reported that guests were annoyed at being “used” as part of the show. Stunned, they stared on in silence, unsure what to think.

Massimo Segre
Massimo Segre claimed to possess the evidence to back up his allegations against Cristina Seymandi. (Credit: YouTube)

Since the engagement party, a video filmed by one of the guests has gone viral, making Cristina the target of internet death threats. Seymandi has reportedly hired lawyers to sue her ex-fiancé for “reputational damage” and for subjecting her to “very serious attacks on social media and threats from Italian citizens,” according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Cristina reached out to an Italian news agency, characterizing her ex-fiancé’s speech as an act of “psychological violence” and saying he clearly “meticulously planned his revenge.” However, in another interview, she speculated that her former partner might have been “manipulated.”

Many social media users sided with Massimo and criticized Cristina. “She didn’t deny that he spoke the truth. Best wishes to you, sir, and I hope you will soon find a lovely woman who will be faithful and kind to you,” wrote one supporter of the millionaire banker. “Good luck with the ‘reputational damage’ when the accusations are true,” posted another.

“He handled it perfectly. She played him. She deserves the public takedown,” wrote one netizen. “Well done! And perfectly acceptable. She deserves every bit of humiliation for her sordid behavior. Had the roles been reversed, this would have been hailed in all the news media,” one commenter wrote. Another pointed out the Italian groom to be brought the receipts, posting, “A picture is worth a thousand words – he has SEVERAL.” Another Massimo defender wrote, “Revenge is a dish best served cold!”