School Forces Student To Remove Offensive Shirt With ‘Positive Message’

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When a middle schooler arrived for class Monday morning, the teacher sent him to the principal’s office for sporting a “borderline” offensive sweatshirt. However, after the principal demanded he remove it, the student decided to defend what he insists is a “positive message.”

Londyn Piglowski School Forces Student To Remove Offensive Shirt Positive Message
Thirteen-year-old Londyn Piglowski is fighting back after his school district banned his sweatshirt for violating school policy. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A Missouri middle school has landed itself in the middle of a controversy after officials forced 13-year-old Londyn Piglowski to remove a hoodie, which they claim violates school policy. However, instead of changing clothes and letting the issue go, the young student is adamant to convince the district that the words on his wardrobe should actually be promoted and not covered up.

The issue began when Londyn showed up to class in the Wentzville School District. He was almost instantly pulled aside and chastised for his choice of garb. The teen was sporting a hoodie with the words “Virginity Rocks,” which quickly caught the attention of his teacher.

The shirt has caused such a stink with the school district because it displays the message “Virginity Rocks.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Londyn says that his social studies teacher ordered him out of class and escorted him to the principal’s office for the supposedly offensive message, according to KMOV. Incredibly, the principal agreed with the teacher, demanding that Londyn either take off the hoodie or turn it inside out. Defeated, the student ultimately removed the sweatshirt.

“He said it was a little bit borderline for the school and he told me to take it off or flip it inside or else they would have to take action,” said Londyn. “I didn’t think this was bad so whenever they told me to take it off I was like why am I taking this off cuz it’s a positive message?”

Londyn’s mother told the media that the district has threatened to suspend her son if wears the shirt again. However, the district later denied this claim. Still, Todd Piglowski, Londyn’s dad, says that the issue is far deeper than an uncomfortable message on a hoodie.

“They teach sex ed,” said Todd. “How can you teach it but then say hey let’s not have it on a sweatshirt? This is a message saying you know they’re good with being virgins I guess, you know, no sex, so isn’t that what these schools are trying to educate these kids of not doing.”

Londyn Piglowski School Forces Student To Remove Offensive Shirt Positive Message
Londyn Piglowski’s father, Todd Piglowski (left), questioned why the school teaches sex ed but prohibits the message of abstinence. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Regardless of his parents’ convincing point, Londyn’s hoodie still isn’t welcome at the middle school. Unsurprisingly, the issue has gained so much attention that the district was forced to release a statement explaining its decision on the matter.

“The District’s policy regarding student dress provides opportunities for our administrators to address student attire that is potentially disruptive to the educational environment. We routinely have conversations with students around attire that may be inappropriate and by and large, our students and families work with our staff to address any concerns.”

The district further explained it has a strict dress code that prohibits students from wearing clothing with “immoral, illegal, sexual, or violent behavior,” The Blaze reports. However, Londyn and his friend Davis say that other students consistently violate this policy and aren’t reprimanded. They believe that the double standard is due to hypocrisy on the issue of sexuality.

“Girls always wear … shorts where you can, like, see their butt[s]” as well as shirts exposing their stomachs, Davis told KMOV as he sported a different “Virginity Rocks” hoodie. “The teachers don’t yell at them for that. So why can’t we wear these?”

Wentzville School District has stated that the message violates a policy prohibiting “immoral, illegal, sexual, and violent behavior.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite his punishment, Londyn has started a small movement in his school — one that the district likely doesn’t appreciate. The boys say that the message on his hoodie has gained popularity.

“They like it,” Londyn told KMOV of the students’ reactions to the clothing before Davis chimed in that “kids were asking me if I can buy them one.”

Londyn received the shirt as a birthday gift from a friend, and it instantly became one of his favorite pieces of clothing. The design comes from the popular YouTuber Danny Duncan, who sells apparel with the message on his website.

Londyn Piglowski School Forces Student To Remove Offensive Shirt Positive Message
Londyn Piglowski (right) and his friend Davis (left) say that the school’s reaction has made the apparel more popular than ever. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite the family and students making several valid points in their argument for allowing the message on clothing, the district isn’t budging. Still, it’s unclear whether Londyn will be suspended or receive any other form of punishment if he decides to wear the sweatshirt again.

Although the district attempted to stifle Londyn’s message, it appears as though that goal has seriously backfired. Ironically, in trying to ban the apparel, school officials have unintentionally made it more appealing than ever.