Vile Or Stunning? Teen Boy Divides Internet Over His Prom Outfit

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When one teen boy’s mother posted photos of him dressed up for prom, the images went viral, leading to a huge controversy. Some netizens claimed he was “stunning,” but others called the outfit choice “vile.”

Korben Green
Korben Green (Credit: YouTube)

Going to prom is a rite of passage for most high school seniors, and fashion trends have come and gone over the years. When one mother uploaded images of her son dressed up for his prom, she had a different purpose in mind.

According to Daily Mail, Nina Green posted photos of her son Korben Green on social media in the hopes of garnering support for his unusual fashion decision. The teen wore a red sequined jacket top with a voluminous skirt, which he accessorized with an enormous crimson bowtie, red lipstick, and a sparkling crown.

According to the Manchester Evening News, not everyone was pleased with the photographs of Korben that went viral. To address the “nasty” insults, Nina and her son decided to go on ITV’s This Morning. The British mother explained to the hosts why she decided to show off her son to the entire world.

“We were so excited about it because Korben didn’t tell anyone what he was wearing,” she said. “I wanted to make it feel special for him and show who he really is so we got him the suit and the most amazing bit for me was the reaction from all his friends at school who all cheered and clapped and to feel that level of acceptance was incredible.”

Korben also discussed his flamboyant fashion choice. “Yeah, I’m so blessed to have such supportive friends and family, so to be accepted was amazing,” he said.  “To be an ordinary boy in a dress was amazing and shows you don’t have to be feminine or masculine. Find a supportive system of friends, teachers, and family who support you and let you be yourself.”

Korben and his mother were showered with love and support. However, other netizens reacted negatively, with many criticizing his mother for sharing the photos.

“Do what you want but don’t expect everyone to like it,” wrote one netizen. “I think the mom seeks attention.”

Another critic posted: “I’m not sure why his mother thought it was a good idea to seek publicity. I’m tired of this stuff being shoved in our faces… as if we all must praise it.”

Supporters of Korben Green and Nina Green were incensed by the criticism. They fired back at the vocal critics.

“The comments…about a literal CHILD are disgusting,” posted one social media user. “Leave him alone, he’s not bothering you or anyone else. Let him live his fabulous life! Don’t destroy his confidence just because you are insecure!”

Another shared: “All of these negative comments… grow up and let the boy be who he wants to be, at least he’ll be far happier than you will ever be.”

All of the attention led to Korben being awarded “youth champion” in a Pride parade where he performed as a drag queen named Miss Frou Frou. “Drag is just another way for Korben to express himself,” Korben’s mom said. “He is showing other young people that you can be who you want to be and be proud of who you are, you don’t need to hide. This has extended to his younger brother Devon, aged 12, who has become an advocate at school and has no problem with challenging the behaviors and languages of his peers.’”

Talking about young people who don’t share the same support as Korben, Nina Green said, “To the parents of those young people my message would be, just listen, understand, do research, and don’t become overwhelmed, by allowing your child to be who they are, you get nothing but the best out of them.”

Korben Green certainly is fortunate to have such a supportive mother, but at some point, a line must be drawn. Children don’t always know what’s best for them, and it’s up to their parents to intervene and keep them away from harm. What do you think of teens attending prom in outfits that don’t represent their genders assigned at birth?