Dad Hunts Down Man Who Allegedly Sex-Trafficked His Daughter

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After rescuing his daughter from sex slavery, a dad tracked down the man he believed had trafficked his little girl. When he found the suspect, police say the vigilante father took justice into his own hands.

John Eisenman
John Eisenman (pictured) was arrested after confessing to murdering his daughter’s alleged sex trafficker. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

According to the Spokane Police Department, 60-year-old John Eisenman allegedly rescued his daughter from being sex-trafficked. The father says that 19-year-old Aaron Sorensen, who was dating the girl at the time, sold his daughter into a prostitution ring a year prior for $1,000. Somehow, Eisenman was able to locate his child and bring her home, but his mission didn’t end there.

After Eisenman’s daughter was allegedly sold as a sex slave, the father did what any good parent would do and tracked her down, rescuing her from a Seattle-based prostitution ring. However, the dad is being hailed a hero not only for saving his little girl but for taking gruesome revenge on the man believed to be responsible for her abuse.

John Eisenman said 19-year-old Andrew Sorensen (pictured) sold his daughter to a prostitution ring for $1,000. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

A month after his daughter’s alleged abduction, Eisenman learned the boyfriend would be arriving at a trailer park in Airway Heights. The father told police that he waited for Sorensen, confronted him, and ultimately abducted him. Eisenman says he zip-tied the 19-year-old and placed him in the trunk of his fiancee’s car, the International Business Times reports.

Enraged by his daughter’s alleged trafficker, Eisenman took a cinder block and bashed Sorensen in the head with it. He then stabbed Sorensen multiple times in the stomach until he was dead. The father told officers he drove the car to a remote part of north Spokane County with the young man’s body still in the trunk. Finally, he removed the battery from the car so that no one could drive away with it.

John Eisenman
John Eisenman said he rescued his daughter before tracking down the alleged trafficker, zip-tieing him, and stabbing him to death. (Photo Credit: Go Fund Me)

After nearly a year, the car was driven by an unknown individual to the Hillyard area, where it was abandoned. Neighbors had been rummaging through the vehicle when they discovered Sorensen’s decomposed body in the trunk. It was then reported to the police.

Eisenman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and his bail was set at $1 million. He had no criminal history. Despite confessing the gruesome details of the slaying, Eisenman was seen as a vigilante hero instead of a cold-blooded killer.

Andrew Sorensen’s decomposed body was discovered in the trunk of a vehicle a year after the alleged murder. (Photo Credit: Washington State Patrol)

Even on the Spokane Police Department’s press release on Facebook, comments expressing support for the father and demands for his release poured in.

  • This was after he rescued his trafficked daughter? I’ll volunteer for jury duty.
  • Justifiable homicide as far as I’m concerned.
  • He shouldn’t have been charged with anything more serious than littering, and in light of the public service he performed, not even that. You should have pinned a medal on his chest and called it a day.
  • And I bet he happily sits in prison. Not all heroes wear capes
  • Justified. Well done Dad. Good luck finding a jury of peers to convict him.

Since the initial Go Fund Me was reportedly removed, Eisenman’s step-daughter opened a second fundraiser to help with his legal fees. The donations continue to grow by the minute and are expected to surpass the requested $100,000 amount.

John Eisenman
The public offered overwhelming support to John Eisenman, who was charged with murder. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While anyone with a child can understand the rage, fear, and frustration this father must have felt, vigilantism is a dangerous precedent. Although some criminals have deservedly received their comeuppance by vigilante heroes, other innocent victims have fallen prey to misplaced vengeance.

If Sorensen was indeed involved in sex trafficking, a jury would likely take this into consideration when delivering a verdict. With the public leaning overwhelmingly in his favor, Eisenman’s best chance for an acquittal is to appeal to the sympathy of a jury.