Texas Homeowner Shot Burglar, Left Him In ‘Pool Of Blood’

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A Texas homeowner awoke to an intruder stealing his property and shot the thief, leaving him to bleed out in a “large pool of blood.” Police have since announced their decision on criminal charges against the homeowner.

Police have announced charges regarding a Texas man’s lethal response to Jason Omar-Cruz, a home intruder. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

One of the most nightmarish situations a person could face is the prospect of encountering a dangerous intruder in their home. Adding to the terror is the reality that authorities may choose to bring criminal charges against not only the burglar but also an innocent citizen who decided to protect their home and loved ones with deadly force. A Texas man faced such a situation when he came face to face with home intruder Jason Omar-Cruz.

Just after midnight, Omar-Cruz forced his way into a home in a quiet Texas suburb in Beaumont’s North End. According to a Beaumont Police press release, the break-in occurred in the 5300 block of Wildwood Avenue, a neighborhood that was generally considered safe until this troubling event.

Jason Omar-Cruz
Jason Omar-Cruz, 43, broke into a Beaumont house just after midnight with the intention of robbing the place. (Photo Credit: Beaumont Police Department)

KBMT reported that Jason Omar-Cruz had crept into the home in the early morning hours before he was suddenly discovered by the surprised resident. Fortunately, the homeowner was more than prepared for such a scenario while the criminal was caught completely off-guard.

Police were immediately dispatched to the home in response to a report of a burglary in progress. While en route to the address, officers were informed that the homeowner had shot the thief and that he was still inside the home with the resident. Upon arrival, officers found the 43-year-old suspect lying on the floor in the bathroom in a “large pool of blood.”

The homeowner reportedly shot Jason Omar-Cruz and left him in a “large pool of blood.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When police arrived, Jason Omar-Cruz was reportedly in critical condition. He had lost so much blood and was continuing to bleed out. Luckily, a police officer was trained for such a situation and managed to stop the bleeding before the suspect succumbed to his injuries.

A police officer provided aid to the shot man by using a tourniquet to stem the bleeding, which was “instrumental in saving the suspect’s life,” according to the police department.

Fortunately, the homeowner isn’t facing any charges. In fact, police consider the resident who shot Jason Omar-Cruz to be the true victim, Fox News reported.

“Even though they are the ones who shot the suspect, they are still the victim,” Beaumont Police Spokesperson Haley Morrow said. “The suspect is the one who broke the law and committed a crime and as a result, he was shot.”

Legal experts agree with the police department’s decision to refrain from charging the homeowner, referring to the rights of Texas citizens to “stand their ground.”

“Some states refer to them as the castle doctrine, or stand your ground doctrines,” Criminal Defense Lawyer Ryan Gertz said. “In Texas, we call it self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property those are the three justifications.”

Thanks to the life-saving efforts of both the police officer and emergency medical responders, Jason Omar-Cruz escaped death. However, the penal system still considers him responsible from every side.

“He is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries but once he is released, he will be relocated to the Jefferson County Jail. The bond has been set at $100,000,” the Beaumont PD said in a Facebook update on the matter.

Criminal Defense Attorney Ryan Gertz explained that Texas recognizes castle doctrine to protect the right of citizens to defend their property. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Residents were left reeling from the terrifying ordeal. The peaceful and quiet neighborhood they once considered safe from such criminal activity isn’t as untouchable as they initially perceived. However, one prepared homeowner has proven the solution to this problem.

The best defense is a good guy with a gun. While some states are punishing homeowners for defending their lives, Texas is ensuring that its citizens’ rights are protected, especially when it comes to the right to defend one’s life and property.