Hick Runs Biker Off Road, Physical Confrontation Is Captured On Video

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There’s nothing better than seeing a bully get what’s coming to him. After a man decided to run a motorcycle off the road, he quickly found out he made a big mistake. Lucky for us, it was all caught on video.

The truck crosses the line into oncoming traffic. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

A couple of Arkansas motorcycle enthusiasts, only identified as Jake and Daniel, found themselves caught up in a life-threatening encounter, according to Daily Mail. Footage of what transpired was captured on a GoPro camera mounted to Jake’s helmet and later shared on YouTube.

It all started when Jake was simply riding down a road in Camden on his bike with his buddy Daniel. The pair were minding their own business when, without warning, a truck rapidly approached — and something was definitely wrong.

It narrowly misses the biker. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The truck was on the wrong side of the road, prompting Jake to swerve onto what little shoulder the road offered in an attempt to avoid a collision. The biker was forced to ride dangerously close to the edge of the road, narrowly avoiding crashing into the truck on his left or the grass to his right.

One can only imagine the amount of frustration Jake must have felt, which resulted in him slamming on the brakes and turning around. Clearly agitated that he was almost forced completely off the road, the biker decided to confront the truck driver and find out what had caused the incident.

The driver of the truck gets out and starts yelling at Jake. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Jake and Daniel
As he yells at Jake, he doesn’t realize Daniel is approaching. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

But, before he could figure anything out, Jake realized the driver of the truck had also slammed on his brakes and was already getting out of his vehicle. Although he was the one who drove into oncoming traffic in what seemed to be an attempt to hit the motorcyclists, he was screaming at Jake as if they did something wrong.

Rather than apologizing to Jake and Daniel for nearly running them over, the unnamed man proceeded to yell at Jake, saying he was “protecting his kids,” despite just having put their lives in danger. Too bad for this punk, he was in for a bit more than he bargained as Daniel was rapidly approaching.

As angry as Jake was, his frustration apparently paled in comparison to what Daniel felt. It quickly became obvious that Jake’s buddy wasn’t in the mood for talking. Although he wanted this hick to know just how furious he was about what had happened, an irate Daniel didn’t need any words for that.

Without warning, Daniel walked up to the pickup truck driver and headbutted the mouthy man with his helmet still on. Apparently seeing red, the biker sent the bully to the ground without a single word as payback for putting his and Jake’s life at risk.

Jake and Daniel
With his helmet still on, Daniel headbutts the driver of the truck. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
The headbutt sends the man to the ground. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The driver still continued his hypocritical tirade, insisting that having kids in the pickup truck somehow made him immune to blame or consequence. Even worse yet, the guy was acting as if he was doing the right thing, putting the lives of everyone involved at risk in an attempt to prove a very misguided point.

This became apparent in another video Jake provided. To further explain the pickup truck driver’s idiocy, Jake posted a follow-up clip. In it, he shows that 20 minutes prior to the incident, he and Daniel drove past the man’s house as he sat in his driveway in his truck with his kids loaded inside. That is what set him off.

For reasons that aren’t clear, the man in the truck felt the bikers presented a danger to his children, who were in the truck, as Jake and Daniel “flew” past. So, he decided to drive around and look for them for 20 minutes. Once he spotted Jake and Daniel, he tried to run them off the road with his kids, who were unseatbelted in his pickup.

It seems the deranged dad is the biggest danger to his kids since the bikers were on the right side of the road and he wasn’t. This bully thought he was not only entitled to swerve into oncoming traffic with a truck full of kids but to also endanger the lives of two bikers who would be defenseless against a truck. As Jake pointed out, “If he hits a car that’s one thing, if he hit us, he could have killed us.”

Jake and Daniel
The man’s truck is on the left as Jake and Daniel drive past. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Too bad for this hick, he got exactly what he deserved as Daniel showed him that he wasn’t a guy to be messed with — and not too many people find themselves in disagreement with what the biker did. This guy had to find out the hard way, bikers usually don’t travel alone and they are more than willing to look out for one another.

Thanks to Daniel, this moron and any others like him got schooled on what can happen when you decide to pick a fight. Bullies might find out all too late that they started a battle they can’t win. Let’s just hope the blow to his noggin knocked some sense into him and taught this punk all he needed to know when it comes to acting like a fool and putting the lives of everyone at risk. Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson in accountability and can serve as a reminder for any other hotheads out there who might consider doing the same.