Men Keep Hitting On Woman At Gym, Then She Turns Around

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According to a “gym babe,” she frequently found herself getting hit on by men at the gym after they noticed her from behind. However, when she turned around, they got a huge surprise that often left them backpedaling or speechless.

Fitness Coach Maria
Fitness Coach Maria (Photo Credit: Screenshot/TikTok @mashaspeaches)

An online fitness coach named Maria, who posts to TikTok as @mashaspeaches, shocked the internet when she uploaded a parody video about getting hit on at the gym. The clip begins with Fitness Coach Maria standing with her back to the camera while the words “POV: You get hit on in the gym” are displayed across the screen as a man just outside of the frame says, “Excuse me, Miss, do you come here often?”

Hearing the lame pickup line, Fitness Coach Maria begins to turn around slowly, and we very quickly realize why she jokingly captioned the short, 10-second clip, “That’s one way to get rid of them.” Although there was no indication from behind, Fitness Coach Maria had a huge surprise in the front that would put off most men who hit on her, and for good reason.

Fitness Coach Maria (Photo Credit: Screenshot/TikTok @mashaspeaches)

Although no one would seemingly know from standing behind Fitness Coach Maria, the woman was sporting a massive pregnancy bump that was nearly impossible to notice from behind. When she turned around, though, that was another story. And, when we say massive, we mean massive — as in, pregnant with twins massive.

According to the mom’s cheeky video, her humungous baby belly is the perfect way to keep men from chatting her up and flirting with her while she’s trying to work out. But, the guys aren’t the only ones surprised by Maria’s condition as the mom admitted that, even at her baby shower, she “still couldn’t believe” she was having twins — even though she had suspected as much early on, The Sun reported.

Fitness Coach Maria (Photo Credit: Screenshot/TikTok @mashaspeaches)

Not long into her pregnancy, Fitness Coach Maria began to think she was likely having twins. Her suspicions first arose when the “positive” line turned dark “very fast” only days after she had missed her period. Then, she began to experience “extreme nausea and vomiting.” By seven weeks, her baby bump was already showing, and even before the ultrasound, the fitness enthusiast knew something felt “different.”

Fitness Coach Maria has shared her exciting journey with her TikTok fans, including her now-viral video of her massive bump that surprised many of the clip’s commenters, according to the NY Post. “Nothing on planet Earth could have prepared me for that. Wow, you carry so well all the best to you and family,” one gobsmacked viewer wrote while another confessed, “Now I would NEVER have guessed.” A third fan, seemingly at a loss for words, added, “Holy guacamole. go girl.”


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Although the video was all in good fun and most viewers wished the twin-mom-to-be the best of luck, it’s not the internet if someone doesn’t raise a stink, and that was seemingly the case after Fitness Coach Maria posted her clip. However, the mom, who says she has been active at the gym throughout her pregnancy, quickly shut down any naysayers who claim a pregnant woman shouldn’t be lifting weights.

“If you’ve been lifting weights for a year, two years, whatever, you can continue doing so,” explained Maria, who’s already a mom to an adorable little boy and a girl. “Just adjust the weights a little bit,” she added. As for those who still think working out while pregnant is wrong, Maria said it’s just the opposite. Keeping your body moving is, in fact, “very beneficial,” she said.

Fitness Coach Maria
Fitness Coach Maria (Photo Credit: Screenshot/TikTok @mashaspeaches)

Of course, for every critic, there was someone else who was eager to cheer the mom on. “I’m so in awe of your stamina. You’re carrying these babies like it’s no big deal! I’d be slumped on a couch like a beached whale,” one impressed fan wrote, to which Fitness Coach Maria candidly responded that “99% of the time” she felt the same way the person had described, but she obviously hasn’t let that keep her down.

For that reason, the clip isn’t just amusing, it’s inspiring. If a woman, who’s carrying around two other people in her womb, can get to the gym, what’s stopping you? After all, keeping your body moving isn’t just “very beneficial” to those who are pregnant — it’s very beneficial to everyone. So, get up and get moving — after you share this to inspire others to do the same, of course!