Dan Bongino: ‘Joy Reid Suffers Worst On-Air Self-Own I’ve Ever Seen’

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Fox News host Dan Bongino was left dumbfounded by an on-air mistake made by MSNBC host Joy Reid. In fact, Bongino claimed it was the “worst” live broadcast self-destruct moment he had ever seen.

Dan Bongino criticized Joy Reid (Credit: YouTube)

Joy Reid was scrutinized over a live broadcast of her primetime show, The ReidOut, when she interviewed Ibram X Kendi, who is an “anti-racist” professor and author. The MSNBC host was hoping to expose Senator Josh Hawley for incorrectly quoting Kendi’s book. However, that “backfired big time,” Dan Bongino claimed.

Reid interviewed Kendi and asked the author to respond to a clip of Senator Hawley, who was quoting the African-American professor’s book on the Senate floor. In the video clip of the Missouri senator, after he quotes Kendi’s book accurately, he makes an accusation against the “anti-racist” professor. “[Kendi’s] saying that he’s opposed to equality under the law,” Senator Hawley declared. “Dr. Kendi and his followers are in no uncertain terms advocating for state-sanctioned racism.”

Joy Reid
Joy Reid (Credit: YouTube)

Before Kendi could respond, Reid immediately made a wrong assumption — implying that the quotation must be false. “O.K., now given the fact that they can’t seem to quote Dr. King accurately,” Reid claimed. “I’m going to assume that they’re misquoting you or giving the wrong context.”

At this point, Dan Bongino chimes in. “OK, hold on,” the Fox News host said. “We have had some epic classic moments on this show, you know, poking fun at media people but this one takes the cake,” he said. “Joy Reid, who could have simply gone to a search engine, looked up the quote that Josh Hawley read on the [senate] floor there,” he explained. “But she didn’t do it. It’s her show, folks. She wasn’t a guest. It’s her show!’

Joy Reid
Joy Reid interviews Ibram X Kendi (Credit: YouTube)

The radio host then points to an article in The Daily Wire that covered Reid’s big gaffe. “Unfortunately for MSNBC, Senator Hawley quoted Kendi accurately. On page 19 of his book, How to be an Antiracist,” Bongino shared. “Look, all they had to do, Reid’s programmers, was look it up. A search engine would have nailed it. How did you miss that? It’s her show, holy Moses!”

According to The Daily Wire, “Eager to deny accurate claims that Ibram X Kendi endorsed ‘racial discrimination,’ MSNBC’s Joy Reid falsely told her viewers that a Republican U.S. senator who cited Kendi word-for-word was ‘misquoting’ Kendi’s book. She also denied that Kendi’s controversial writings have anything to do with Critical Race Theory and implied that conservatives want black farmers removed from all arable farmland in the United States.”

Dan Bongino discusses MSNBC’s Joy Reid (Credit: Screenshot)

“[Reid] may not be the silver winner yet in the dopey media personality Olympics, the talking head Olympics, but she is really giving it a go,” Bongino added. “She’s training, you know, like Rocky, she’s running, she’s jumping over the park benches, she’s bench pressing. Remember Rocky’s got the log on his back…my God, it’s her show.”

Reid spent the rest of the short segment railing against Republicans, claiming that conservatives “are saying that white farmers need to get all the rest” of the United States farmland away from black farmers. Additionally, she claimed, “They don’t believe the military should study whether there are racist and white nationalists in the military.”

The MSNBC host also has come under fire from Fox News host Tucker Carlson for claiming the Republican Party and its supporters are in league with Russia and anyone who isn’t for the U.S. engaging in more wars is a “Kremlin apologist.” Carlson responded that no one who made such broad-brush attacks was presenting a serious argument.

“I have to say, you have to pull back a little bit: That woman [Reid], who is a moron, went to Harvard. I went to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut — so, who’s got the privilege, exactly?” asked Carlson. “This is someone who’s not capable of thinking clearly, or expressing herself clearly, or writing a coherent sentence, and she got into Harvard!”