Video: Crying Baby In Bar Ticks Off Texas Woman; ‘You’re An Idiot!’

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A Texas woman was captured on video after she became ticked off about a crying baby in a bar and decided to confront the infant’s mother. While some have criticized her for complaining, others have agreed that she was right to lambaste the mother.

A woman confronted a group of friends in a bar, which sparked a debate about whether a baby should be in a bar. (Photo Credit: Pixabay stock image for visual representation only)

Although the details are few and far between, a video captured inside an unnamed bar in Austin, Texas, has sparked a huge debate about whether or not babies should be allowed in a bar, according to the NY Post. For the woman caught on camera, the answer is a resounding “No,” and she didn’t waste any time making the mother of a crying infant aware of what she thought about her questionable parenting.

In the clip, the unnamed older woman is captured complaining to another group of patrons about the fussy child they chose to bring into the adult establishment. With fellow restaurantgoers watching, a heated argument ensues between the angry woman and the 27-year-old mom as a fussy child is heard in the background.

Not mincing words, the angry unnamed woman rips into the mom and her friends, who were in the bar with a fussy child. “You guys are idiots. Why would you do this to the poor kid?” she asks before telling the group to get out. “Get your baby out of a bar,” she says in an exasperated voice, obviously annoyed with the young mother’s choices.

Surprisingly, the group really doesn’t put up much of a fight, instead saying they are going to pay their bill and leave. However, that’s not enough for the irate patron who asks, “Why would you do that?” referring to the mom’s choice to bring the baby inside the bar. “Why would you do this to the poor kid?”

baby in bar
During the confrontation, the camera briefly pans to the crying baby in the bar, presumably held by their mom. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The mom tries to claim the baby is “having fun,” but it certainly doesn’t sound like it as the child is heard crying throughout the video. This seems to prompt the older woman to escalate the confrontation as she begins to swear, repeatedly calling the group “idiots” and telling them to get the kid out of the bar. That’s about the time another patron decides to step in, accusing the angry woman of “harassing” the mom.

With tensions mounting and more people becoming involved in the confrontation, an employee enters the fray, standing between the two arguing parties before asking the older woman to leave before things can escalate any further. She seems to comply as the clip draws to a close, but the fight was far from over for social media users, who quickly sounded off after the video was shared online.

baby in bar
An employee eventually stepped in, but it was the angry woman who was asked to leave, not the mom with the crying baby in the bar. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although it is unclear where the clip first appeared online, ARK Media posted it to YouTube with the title “Karen Confronts Group Of Friends For Having Baby In Bar.” While the title suggests that the outlet was on the young mom’s side, it would seem their viewers were not in support of her parenting, as evidenced by the comments:

“Who tf brings a toddler to a bar” one viewer asks.

“Top 3 places to never bring your baby,” says another before listing, “Theater, Concert or Symphony, and Bar.”

“Title should be KAREN BRINGS HER BABY AND IMMATURE FRIENDS TO THE BAR,” another suggests.

“I am not sure I would have said anything, but I agree with her. Get your baby out of the bar,” yet another agrees.

“What kind of deadbeat mom brings her child to a bar?” another asks.

Others suggested that there wasn’t enough information to form a concrete conclusion and also pointed out that the angry woman may have had too much to drink.

“The place is a restaurant [with] a bar in it, just like a Chili’s or a Texas Roadhouse. If they were sitting at the bar drinking while with the baby, I think that would be inappropriate. But if they were at a table near the bar eating, then that lady is completely out of line. She also sounds like she’s smashed.”

Most viewers seemed to agree that a baby didn’t belong in a bar. (Photo Credit: Pixabay stock image for visual representation only)

Yahoo! News also posted the clip to their site, and comments there were similar. Many viewers said the mom was wrong for having the baby in the bar. In fact, three of the most upvoted comments read as follows:

“As a parent that raised three children, 1st, they would never be taken into a bar and 2nd, if we were out in a restaurant they would be taken outside when they threw fits or cried a lot so you don’t torture the entire establishment. We got sitters for years because of this and once they finally got old enough we took them but still the occasional fit ocurred which was quickly fixed by a trip outside. Have some manners folks, there’s others affected as well.”

“Where to start? If a HS or college-aged person comes into a bar with a fake ID that says they are over 21 but are found to be underaged, they get turned away and the ID is confiscated. Bars clearly have signs that say no one under 21 is allowed. Babies definitely fall under this category. Finally, whoever brought baby to a bar clearly has an alcohol problem.”

“Why do people not have common courtesy anymore and consider the environment when bringing a baby/child as well as a DOG to a place?? Anyplace that requires you to show an ID shouldn’t have any children present. PERIOD. These types of places should be an adult swim only.”

The vast majority of comments across the board, regardless of where the footage was posted, seemed to feel that a bar wasn’t appropriate for a small child. Those who seemed to disagree with the upset patron in the clip seemingly only did so by saying that it wasn’t a “bar,” but rather a restaurant with a bar in it. Perhaps the most perfect comment was this one: “No winners here.” And, truly, there wasn’t.