Woman Got Tired Of Coworkers Stealing, So She Left This Note

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Tired of her coworkers stealing her creamer, a woman left behind a note for the alleged office thief. Did she go too far? You decide.

When a woman named Savannah grew suspicious that a coworker was helping themselves to her creamer, she decided to teach them a lesson. (Stock image for visual representation only: Pexels)

A working woman and mother, only identified as Savannah, found herself in the middle of a jaw-dropping workplace saga when she reportedly had enough of an office thief who kept stealing her stuff. After buying a bottle of her favorite coffee creamer and placing it in the communal fridge of her workplace, it kept coming up missing. That’s when Savannah decided to do something about it.

As the week went by, Savannah began to notice that her creamer was disappearing at an alarming rate. When she noticed the bottle had become almost empty, she realized a coworker must have been helping themselves. Instead of confronting her coworker, Savannah decided to deploy an unusual tactic, hoping to teach the creamer criminal a lesson.

Suspicious that someone was stealing her creamer, Savannah devised a plan to teach them a lesson. (Stock image for visual representation only: Pexels)

Little did Savannah know, however, that her confession—complete with a picture—would stun the public. But that’s exactly what happened after the frustrated mom attached a note to her creamer bottle before placing it in the office refrigerator. Fed up with the office thief stealing her stuff, Savannah allegedly refilled the creamer bottle with her breast milk.

According to The Sun, a week after leaving the breast milk-filled bottle in the fridge, Savannah had added a note to the container, explaining what she had done. ”Good morning! To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week… surprise!” the note attached to the bottle began. “”You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you’ve enjoyed [it]. Cheers!” the message continued before concluding, “PS: It’s organic, so no worries.”

Fed up with the office thief, Savannah left a note for the person who kept helping themselves to her creamer. (Photo Credit: Reddit)

Although the UK outlet reported that “it worked like a treat,” leaving “many social media users in stitches,” they added that, “While some found it ‘hilarious,’ others were convinced something was not adding up.” Indeed, some called out the story as “udderly” false—pun intended.

”Funny but bulls**t because nobody puts breast milk in a used creamer bottle,” one suspicious reader wrote while another agreed, “Why would someone put their breast milk in a coffee creamer container? This is clearly fake.” Meanwhile, others shared stories of similar situations that they had dealt with when it came to a communal office refrigerator.

According to Savannah’s note, the office thief had unknowingly been drinking her breast milk in their coffee. (Stock image for visual representation only: Pexels)

“Someone used to always steal my juice from a pitcher that should have lasted me a week or two,” one commenter sympathized, sharing their own experience with a workplace thief and how they tackled the juice stealer. ”My name was on it, but that didn’t matter. I put a big label on it saying ‘lab experiment’ and it worked. No one took anything out anymore.”

Another person revealed that they had left string cheese in their car for three days in the summer before putting it in the fridge at work. Much to their surprise, someone ate it. For the most part, the thieves didn’t garner much sympathy. Instead, the sentiment seemed to be that they should learn not to touch something that clearly didn’t belong to them.

Savannah’s story is a cautionary tale about taking food from the communal fridge at work that doesn’t belong to you. You never know what you might be consuming. (Stock image for visual representation only: Pexels)

Some even suggested that utilizing breast milk as punishment was too kind, saying the breast milk was likely better than the dairy alternative that was purchased at the store. ”Way healthier than the store-bought crap!” one such person remarked as another chimed in, “Jokes on you, he’s getting an immunity boost and free creamer at the same time.”

Others thought there was a more suitable punishment to be had—one the thief wouldn’t easily forget. “I would have put a laxative or something worse in there to punish the thief,” a woman wrote, offering a not-so-subtle warning for those who like to help themselves. So, let this be a lesson. When you have sticky fingers, you might end up with more than you bargained for. It’s best to purchase your own office snacks and supplies because you never know what you might get when you take something that doesn’t belong to you.