Armed Robbers Get Surprise Visit From Karma In Middle Of Heist

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A group of armed robbers was in the middle of a heist when the criminals got a surprise visit from karma. Thankfully, the pilfering plot twist provided police the perfect opportunity to do their job. Is there anything better than the bad guys getting what they deserve? You’ll love this.

Hi Lo Check Cashing in Commerce City, Colorado (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The Commerce City Police Department in Commerce City, Colorado got quite the laugh after three armed and masked individuals robbed Hi Lo Check Cashing, a check-cashing business, on a Saturday morning. While robbery is rarely funny, the plot twist these crooks faced was not only comical, it was rather ironic.

It was just before 11 am when officers infiltrated the area in the 7200 block of Monaco, having received reports that three masked and armed individuals had robbed the check-cashing service. Thanks to a cruel twist of fate for the criminals, officers quickly chased down and arrested two of the three suspects after things went awry for the perpetrators.

Commerce City Police responded to the armed robbery. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

While the police said they were relieved no one was injured, “the crooks in question may have suffered bruised egos with what went down outside,” according to The Blaze. So, what happened? In the middle of the heist, the Colorado criminals realized that they had fallen victim to theft. Yes, you read that right. Someone had stolen the thieves’ getaway car.

“In an unexpected and ironic twist… as the trio was robbing the business…a fourth criminal stole their getaway vehicle… which may have already been stolen,” read a Facebook post about the armed robbery from the Commerce City Police Department.

Commerce City
The Commerce City Police Department posted about the robbery and the karmic turn of events. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Of course, the bizarre news stirred quite a reaction among social media users, most of whom expressed amusement. In fact, even the police department seemed pleasantly entertained by the karmic outcome as they responded to comments on their post. “What a plot twist,” one commenter wrote with the Commerce City cops responding, “We can’t make this stuff up.”

Others were equally tickled by the turn of events. “This is like something out of a movie comedy,” one social media user laughed, while another added, “Criminals aren’t generally smart.” Another seemed to share similar sentiments, saying, “Apparently, one didn’t know their assignment. Getaway driver role… stay in car, keep car running, watch for popo AND DON’T let getaway car GET STOLEN!”

Commerce City
Commenters on the Commerce City Police Department’s Facebook page were amused. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Overall, the internet was laughing, but at least one commenter was so fed up with crime that they suggested “using stocks for these worthless scumbags right outside the police station,” saying that “would be great.” Indeed, people do love seeing criminals get exactly what they deserve, and in this case, it was seeing them reap what they sow.

It would seem that the rise in crime is getting pretty bad when criminals are falling victim to other thieves in the middle of their own heist. If that’s not karma, I’m not sure what is. But, I do know, it’s pretty fantastic. I wish every crime story could have such a happy ending, where the criminals get their comeuppance. As they say, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it — and at least two of these three suspects got a heaping helping of their own medicine. I’d say that’s justice.