Protesters Stop Plane From Deporting Somali, Find Out He Raped A Girl

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When they found out that a plane was deporting a Somali migrant back to his country, a group of compassionate people successfully forced authorities to remove him. However, they soon regretted their decision when they discovered that he was being extradited for a brutal crime.

Yaqub Ahmed Protesters Stop Plane From Deporting Somali Find Out He Raped A Girl
After thwarting a deportation in England, plane passengers discovered too late who the man really is. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While passengers at Heathrow Airport were waiting for departure, they suddenly heard crying and yelling coming from the back of the plane. It was then they discovered that one of the passengers was 30-year-old Yaqub Ahmed on his deportation flight back to Somalia.

Believing Ahmed to be merely an immigrant being deported for the crime of seeking a better life, the passengers began increasing their protest of his extradition, shouting at authorities to “take him off the plane.” One sympathetic commuter even moved toward Ahmed before turning back and agitatedly telling his fellow passengers that he was being “separated from his family.”

Yaqub Ahmed Protesters Stop Plane From Deporting Somali Find Out He Raped A Girl
Yaqub Ahmed showers thanks on the passengers for stopping his deportation. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Once fliers heard this, there was no turning back in their demands for the authorities to let Ahmed go or face further disturbance. After several minutes of indignantly defying immigration officials, the crowd cheered as Ahmed was ultimately escorted off the tarmac, indefinitely delaying his deportation.

“You’re free, man!” one of the protesters victoriously shouted, to which the migrant shouted his thanks before exiting the plane. However, soon after celebrating their contribution to humanity, they discovered who the poor, helpless migrant really is.

According to Metro, the man passengers had helped to remain in the country is 30-year-old Somali national Yaqub Ahmed, a convicted gang-rapist and terrorist sympathizer. Ahmed had been sentenced to 9 years in prison for his part in the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl in North London. He was also suspected of an association with terrorist Odogo Ahmed.

Despite vehemently denying any sexual contact with the young victim, DNA evidence linked Ahmed and three other men to the rape. Wood Green crown court later found all of the men guilty and jailed them for nine years each. Ahmed was released after serving only four years in prison. He is currently in an immigration detention center as officials plan to schedule him on another deportation flight.

Yaqub Ahmed Protesters Stop Plane From Deporting Somali Find Out He Raped A Girl
Yaqub Ahmed, 30, was convicted of gang-raping a 16-year-old girl and was suspected of associating with a terrorist. (Photo Credit: Met Police)

Now, the victim must wait for a time in the future for her abuser to be returned to Somalia. The next time, the government has said it will pay for a charter flight to prevent another mutiny, according to The Sun.

Most disturbingly, the victim and her mother were soon made aware of the video showcasing passengers thwarting the deportation of her daughter’s rapist. The victim’s mother is demanding that “each and every one” of the passengers who intervened to apologize for assisting a child rapist.

She said, “Why did they feel the need to intervene in something which clearly was nothing to do with them? They actually made it possible for my daughter’s rapist to be allowed back into the country by their actions.”

The victim’s mother has called on “each and every passenger” who helped stop the deportation of her daughter’s rapist to apologize. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Far too many people are misinformed about the deportation process. Ahmed’s attempted extradition was clearly warranted, yet all the do-gooder passengers could see was a person of color being abused and discriminated against by unfair and racist immigration policies.

It never even occurred to them that the man in question could be a dangerous criminal with offenses under his belt other than simply crossing the border illegally. Sadly, we’ve returned to an era in which we are judging individuals based on the color of their skin rather the content of their character.