Man Sees Woman Stuck In Snow, Walks Over To Help, Then Sees Her Bumper Sticker & Just Leaves Her

This guy saw a woman’s vehicle stuck in the snow and was about to go help her, but then he saw the bumper sticker on her car and decided to just leave her there.

Troy Brown is not a supporter of President Donald Trump. In fact, he regularly takes to social media to post about politics, publicly proclaiming his opposition to the Commander-in-Chief and his admiration for groups like Black Lives Matter.

However, Brown’s hatred doesn’t stop with the president. He also has it out for anyone who supports Trump, too. He posted a story on Facebook recently which demonstrated his deep-seated disdain for President Trump and his supporters.

bumper sticker
Troy Brown (Photo Credit: Troy Brown/Facebook)

Brown was driving down the road one day when he noticed a woman’s car stuck in a ditch after a blizzard had hit Ohio. At first, he had a mind to help her, as any good man would do. But, as he drew closer to the woman’s vehicle, he noticed her Donald Trump bumper sticker. That was all it took for him to abandon her altogether.

Instead of helping the stranded woman, Brown posted a picture of her car on Facebook, along with the caption, “I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car. #CallYoPresident.”

bumper sticker
Facebook user Troy Brown posted a picture of a stranded woman’s vehicle but refused to help her get her car out of a ditch because she had a Donald Trump bumper sticker. (Photo Credit: Troy Brown/Facebook)

Then, when his story began to garner national attention, Troy Brown proved what lousy character he has once again by trying to capitalize on the viral post about the stranded Trump supporter whom he abandoned.

Not only did he start a public figure Facebook page, but he also created merchandise, some with the image of her vehicle and others with just the words, “Call Yo’ President,” plastered on attire, including T-shirts and hoodies, and he tried to sell them online.

“For my beloved Trump supporters, I’ve received a lot of feedback; both good and bad concerning the supporter which I’ve left in the blizzard,” he wrote on Facebook.

“As an American citizen, I’m not here for your deeply rooted hatred! Nor am I here for your self righteous comments when the time permits and benefits the Caucasian community.

“Where were you all during Trumps rallies when blacks and Muslims were trampled? Where were you all when Trump settled in court? Nothing but love! However, I’ve provided a list below which allows you and your peers to call for help in a time of need.”

According to The Kansas City Star, commenters on Brown’s post debated whether he had gone too far by refusing to help the Trump supporter. “That’s a great attitude to have towards your fellow human being,” said one social media user. “What if they were hurt?”

“[Shaking my damn head] at everyone condemning Troy for not helping a complete stranger,” said another, defending Brown. “All you read was ‘didn’t help a Trump supporter’ and everyone lost their damn minds.”

I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car ��� #CallYoPresident#FollowMeOnSnap m_troybrown#FollowMeOnTwitter Troy_DennisTD

Posted by Troy Brown on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

“That’s sad,” said a third commenter. “I pray & hope when you or a family member is ever in need they won’t be judged by the color of their skin or who they did or didn’t vote for.”

Of course, it’s one thing to be leery of approaching a perfect stranger. It’s entirely another to refuse help to someone who is clearly in need solely because they have different political views than your own. What goes around comes around. At some point, Brown is going to need a helping hand, but someone will refuse to give him one for a petty and unwarranted reason. When that happens, he will only have himself to blame.