Man Who Kidnapped, Raped 8-Year-Old Was Investigated 5 Times

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After being accused of “sexual deviancy” by multiple victims, a man was a suspect in five separate investigations but never charged. Disturbingly, it took him kidnapping and raping an 8-year-old child for him to even get the absurd sentence he ultimately received.

William Hummels
William Hummels flew under the radar despite being investigated in five separate cases involving sex crimes. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

For more than a decade, William Hummels had terrorized several communities in Washington state as accusations of his sexual proclivities swirled. Since 2010, the burgeoning predator had been the central figure in five separate investigations into sex crimes, which reportedly involved “sexual deviancy type behavior (and) assault with sexual motivation.”

Disturbingly, Hummels was never charged and was, therefore, never placed on the sex offender registry. Subsequently, he was allowed to roam free with his neighbors and friends completely unaware of the danger he poses. Of course, it was only a matter of time before Hummels’ discreet criminal behavior reached new levels of twisted depravity.

The 21-year-old was only charged after forcing an 8-year-old boy into a bathroom at Lake Sacajawea and orally raping him. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

According to The Daily News, Hummels was charged with kidnapping and raping an 8-year-old child in Longview. Police arrested the now 21-year-old at the Community House homeless shelter after he divulged his crimes to Community House Director Holly Von Roch, admitting that he had raped a young boy who also lived there. Because Hummels had never been charged with any crime, a background check performed by the housing authority rendered no information. Hummels was then allowed to move into the shelter, which houses hundreds of children over the span of the year.

Hummels confessed to police that he had decided within two days of meeting the child that he would rape him by taking him to a public restroom at a playground area at Lake Sacajawea. In an effort to lure in the boy, he began having sexual conversations with the child before forcing him to come with him to the bathroom. He then locked the boy in a stall and forced the child to perform oral sex.

Hummels admitted that he refused to take the child home and instead “picked him up” and carried him toward the park. The child screamed “about three times” asking to go home, Hummels admitted.

He admitted to raping the child, who lived in the same homeless shelter as he did, near a local playground. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Hummels was convicted after pleading guilty to first-degree child rape. Because of this, he received a plea deal, earning him just 9 years to life in prison. He will be up for parole after less than a decade. When released, he will have lifetime probation and a permanent no-contact order with the victim. However, many are concerned that Hummels will re-offend.

“I don’t want him to hurt other kids,” the victim wrote. “I want him to be in there for a long time, like for my lifetime at least.”

According to a pre-sentence interview, Hummels “verbalized little remorse or regret” for the crimes he committed. Only during sentencing did he express any feeling for the trauma he inflicted on his young victim, although some aren’t as convinced.

“I would like to express my apologies to them,” Hummels said. “I really do regret what I did to the young boy, especially since I was abused when I was younger. I do feel like I did make a mistake and (I) wanted to come up and be honest, and say that I know what I did was wrong, and I regret what I did.”

William Hummels
William Hummels was sentenced to 9 years to life in prison. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Hummels was diagnosed with autism and ADHD and was allegedly a victim of childhood sexual abuse himself. This combination was at the forefront of his defense, which his attorney Ian Maher claimed is also to blame for his seemingly remorseless attitude.

“He is an adult, he is competent, but in a lot of ways Mr. Hummels is very limited,” Maher said. “He’s very limited intellectually, emotionally.”

Hummels claims that a 21-year-old babysitter molested him when he was only 3 years old. He told the court that he remembers the abuse and that it caused him to have flashbacks that correlate with his own sexual abuse of other children. He has also been in anger management treatment for four years.

“His body language spoke most honestly,” Maher said. “This is something he’s still grappling with himself. The fact that he did this, I think, almost appears as a dream to him. He is not a methodical, deviant person. He’s just, sadly, unfortunately, not that deep of a person.”

William Hummels
William Hummels’ defense attorney argued that a combination of autism and his own childhood sexual abuse contributed to his crimes. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Hummels’ 8-year-old victim is reportedly showing incredible resilience in the aftermath of the abuse. The child has pointed to his faith in God as his foundation, but his mother says that he still struggles with the shame and embarrassment of what happened to him.

Because Hummels was never charged with a crime, there was no way for either the shelter or the victim’s mother to know that he was investigated five times for sex crimes. Disturbingly, this presents a serious danger to communities across the country, allowing potential predators to fly under the radar.