Wife Has Miscarriage, Then 7 Months Later, Husband Sees Sac On Floor

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Meredith Lee Burcham and her husband Brandon were heartbroken when doctors delivered the news that she had suffered a miscarriage just six weeks into her pregnancy. Then, seven months later, as the couple was just trying to get on with their lives, Brandon was shocked to see a sac on their bedroom floor. What they found inside was even more of a surprise.

Wife Has Miscarriage, Then 7 Months Later, Husband Sees Sac On Floor
Meredith and Brandon (Photo Credit: Meredith Lee Burcham/Facebook)

Meredith and Brandon were both home one day when she began to experience severe cramping in her stomach seven months after her miscarriage. From the bedroom, Meredith screamed out in pain for Brandon to come help her. He rushed to her side only to make a shocking a discovery.

Suddenly, Meredith delivered a tiny baby still inside its amniotic sac. At first, the couple was blown away — this was the last thing they expected since she had supposedly had a miscarriage. Additionally, the new mom had never experienced any symptoms of a typical pregnancy or physical signs that she was carrying a child.

Wife Has Miscarriage, Then 7 Months Later, Husband Sees Sac On Floor
Image for the purpose of visual representation: A baby is born “en caul,” or inside the amniotic sac (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Meredith had just experienced a caul birth, which happens fewer than once in every 80,000 babies. According to Pregnancy Corner, “A caul (also known as a cowl) is a membrane that covers the head and face of a newborn baby. Caul births are an extraordinarily rare event, and babies born in this way are sometimes said to have been ‘born with a veil.'”

After the reality set in that they’d just delivered a baby, Meredith and Brandon checked for signs of life. It was difficult to tell if their baby was alive as the amniotic sac hadn’t ruptured yet. But, one minute later, the sac broke on its own, and they could see that their baby was a girl. Still, she wasn’t moving or making any sounds.

Wife Has Miscarriage, Then 7 Months Later, Husband Sees Sac On Floor
Meredith and Brandon with their newborn baby (Photo Credit: Meredith Lee Burcham/Facebook)

Brandon immediately called 911, and the dispatcher advised him to check if the baby’s cord was wrapped around her neck. When he confirmed that it was, the dispatcher had him unwrap the cord. This allowed their daughter to catch a breath and let out a big wail. Paramedics arrived soon after and quickly whisked the mom and her new baby away to the hospital.

Most women who have been through a pregnancy will attest that it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences imaginable. Nine months of weight gain, bloating, cramping, and out-0f-control emotions isn’t exactly a cake walk. So it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which someone could end up in the third trimester of a pregnancy without ever knowing about it. Still, Meredith’s story is proof that these medical anomalies do happen.

The same way women who have been through a pregnancy will likely tell you how strenuous it was on their body, women who have had more than one child will tell you that every pregnancy and every birth is unique. Often times, women will have a pregnancy that is pure torture only to experience another which is blissful. Likewise, women might have a very difficult birth followed by another which was quite smooth.

Every pregnancy and birth are unique in their own right, and some — like Meredith’s story — are particularly shocking. While she wasn’t prepared for the way her beautiful baby girl came into the world, the family of three now couldn’t be any happier. Please share their remarkable story!

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