Whoopi Makes ‘Cringey’ Gay Joke About Republican, Apologizes

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Whoopi Goldberg made a “cringey” gay joke about a leading Republican politician. She was seemingly angry as she apologized for it on live TV, saying: “I should probably never do this show again.”

Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg appeared upset as she apologized for making a “gay” joke. (Credit: YouTube)

Whoopi Goldberg was once again forced to apologize for a remark she made on The View. The veteran comedian has come under fire over her past statements. Most people remember Goldberg’s infamous remarks about the Holocaust. She also was forced to apologize to Turning Point USA, a conservative group, for falsely claiming they were “neo-Nazis.”

This brings us to another major gaffe that got Goldberg in hot water. According to Decider, Goldberg followed in the off-color footsteps of her co-host, Joy Behar, by cracking a “cringey gay” joke on live TV. During a conversation about gay marriage and states’ rights, Goldberg implied Sen. Lindsey Graham is a homosexual.

Senator Lindsey Graham (Credit: YouTube)

It all went down as The View welcomed back White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who called out Republicans for threatening to take away abortion and marriage rights. “Senator Graham had said, maybe about a month ago, early August, that he believes when it comes to marriage, when it comes to abortion, it’s for states to decide. So, Senator Graham, what changed?” Jean-Pierre asked.

“Well, maybe he’s getting married,” Goldberg quipped as the audience cackled. “Do it quick, ’cause I know people are fooling around with our marriage rights, whoever, wherever you stand.” At that point, the show went to a commercial break, but when they returned, Goldberg was no longer joking around.

Whoopi Goldberg
The View as they discussed Senator Lindsey Graham (Credit: YouTube)

“Before I do this introduction, I need to make clear that I was doing what I do as a comic,” Goldberg declared. “Sometimes I make jokes, and it was a joke. Nothing more than that. I just got a whole conversation about people misunderstanding the joke,” she said with an upset look on her face. “I mean, okay!”

“I should probably never do this show again if this is what it’s coming to!” Goldberg said. “No, um, it was a joke you guys….you know.” It was apparent that Goldberg had a “conversation” during the commercial break and was told to apologize. However, it was also clear she wasn’t happy about it, and she stopped short of saying, “I’m sorry.”

The statement Senator Lindsey Graham made that launched this controversy happed on CNN. “I think states should decide the issue of marriage, and states should decide the issue of abortion,” Senator Graham said. It’s true, the South Carolina politician has never married. However, he suffered tragedy at an early age.

At the age of 12, Graham was working at the downstairs pool hall, racking tables to help with his family’s financial struggles, according to Politico. He did not grow up with money and would reportedly take baths with water that was heated up on a stove. At the age of 21, Graham’s parents died within 15 months of each other and he became the legal guardian of his 13-year-old sister.

Senator Graham’s sister, Darline Graham Nordone, accompanied her brother on the campaign trail (Credit: YouTube)

Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law, Graham was commissioned as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG Corps) in the United States Air Force in 1982 and began active duty that year. Graham later adopted his sister so she could receive his medical benefits. In his late 20s, the senator claimed he almost married a flight attendant named Sylvia, who he met while in the military living in Germany, but the relationship didn’t last, according to Herald Online.

Whoopi Goldberg’s crack at Senator Graham isn’t the only time a “cringey” gay remark was made on the ABC talk show. Joy Behar made her own blunder on The View when she cracked a joke about Carl Nassib making history as the first NFL player to come out as gay while actively playing in the league. After joking about “penetration in the End Zone,” Behar brushed off her “inappropriate joke,” telling viewers, “Make believe I never said it.”