College Suspends Professor Who Called Cops On ‘Uncivil’ Black Student

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When a black student became “uncivil” in the classroom, a white biology professor called the police to handle the situation. However, instead of punishing the unruly student, the university decided to remove the teacher from the classroom instead.

Anita Moss
After having a “disruptive” student removed from class, Anita Moss quickly regretted her actions. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

According to The College Fix, senior lecturer of biology Anita Moss, who is white, was removed from her own University of Texas-San Antonio (UTSA) classroom after she called the police on a repeatedly disruptive student. Moss had told Paige Burgess, who is a black student, to stop disrupting class and take her feet off of chairs, a requirement outlined in Moss’ syllabus.

After Burgess continued refusing to be respectful and comply with the rules like her classmates, Moss felt she had no choice but to notify campus security, which she was advised to do by a fellow faculty member. Despite admitting that she didn’t think that the incident had anything to with racism, Burgess and fellow black activists immediately turned the issue into one about race in an effort to punish the professor, My San Antonio reports.

“Throughout these investigations, I have been repeatedly asked whether I believe the incident on Monday was based on racism. My answer is no,” the student wrote.

Amid accusations of racism, Anita Moss was removed from her classroom on suspension while the university conducted an investigation. Unsurprisingly, they said “racial bias was not a factor” and proceeded to reinstate Moss as the biology department’s senior lecturer.

Unfortunately, this decision wouldn’t last long. After persistent complaints from a small but vocal group, Moss, who has a high rating from students, was suspended a second time without warning due to “a new concern regarding classroom management.”

Campus spokesman Joe Izbrand provided a statement from Vice President for Academic Affairs Kimberly Epsy: “A preliminary inquiry revealed that despite persistent and substantive intervention, there remain persistent concerns with Dr. Moss’ classroom management that warrant her relief from all instructional responsibilities at this time.”

Anita Moss
Paige Burgess calmly left Anita Moss’ classroom. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

The “concerns” to which Epsy is referring come from a tiny minority of activists who’ve made race their central focus. In an email to The College Fix, Anika Brown, who is the vice president of the university’s Black Student Union, admitted that they hope to send a message to professors that they must refrain from reprimanding black students.

“We hope the student is satisfied with the outcome and that the professor has learned from the situation and will react differently going forth,” she said.

While this vocal group hurls accusations of racism against Moss without any evidence, the majority of her students and colleagues maintain that not only is she a kind and compassionate person but that she is very professional. In fact, her supporters set up a petition on, which has accumulated over 600 signatures, to have her reinstated once again.

“I’ve had her for 3 semesters and she was the sweetest to me and everyone else who asked for help. She is so enthusiastic when it comes to teaching and loves her students,” one testimonial said.

Anita Moss
Although Paige Burgess admits that she doesn’t think race played an issue, Anita Moss was suspended a second time. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

In order to return to her position, Anita Moss is required to “engage with UTSA’s Teaching and Learning Services individually to understand her internal and the external factors negatively impacting her capacity to manage the classroom.” In short, Moss will be forced to undergo retraining as if she were guilty of discrimination.

University president Taylor Eighmy is treating the incident as racism. In a letter, he insisted that if students “feel” mistreated, that is enough to charge a professor with some grievance:

“No matter the outcome of the investigations, the incident shows issues that extend far beyond the events of yesterday. The reactions expressed through social media, emails, phone calls and group meetings I’ve attended confirm that feelings of marginalization on the part of some students—especially our African American students—are real and profound.”

Anita Moss
Anita Moss will be forced to undergo retraining, despite the university confirming that race had nothing to do with the incident. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Anita Moss will have to live with the stigma of racial bias, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. Additionally, Paige Burgess understands that, even if she doesn’t cry racism herself, there are always activists who will attack her opponents as racist bigots for her.

The university’s response is teaching students that they are in control and may punish professors and staff members by mere accusation. What these figures don’t realize is that their own political correctness will soon come back to bite them, as there is always someone more “marginalized” than them to thrown accusations their way as well.

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