Walmart Employee Humiliates Cop In Uniform, Outraged Citizens Step In

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An employee at Walmart was caught humiliating a police officer in uniform. The female cashier refused to check out the officer and laughed in his face while making a rude remark. That’s when residents of the community stepped in.

St. Cloud Police Department officers serving the community (Credit: Facebook)

It’s such a shame when young people feel the need to debase or humiliate a law enforcement officer for no reason at all. That’s what happened at a Walmart in Florida when a St. Cloud police officer went to the store to pick up a few things and wasn’t able to complete his transaction.

According to a friend of the officer, the cashier in question pointed to her skin color and declined to ring him up at the superstore in St. Cloud, WFTV reported. To add insult to injury, the officer also said a second employee laughed at him over the way he had been treated. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, the cop had no intention of going public, but when someone posted the story to a St. Cloud community Facebook group, people became outraged.

Walmart employee
Residents of the community conveyed their apologies to the police officer (Credit: Screenshot)

“The uproar began brewing…when a man posted in a community Facebook group saying he wanted to know if the story he heard about the officer was a rumor,” WFTV reported. “The responses to the man’s post poured in, with some saying they had seen it happen. Later, a friend of the officer joined the thread to say it was true.”

Channel 9 reporter Field Sutton contacted Walmart’s corporate offices along with the St. Cloud Police Department, and both confirmed the event had happened as described by the online community. Click Orlando sent a reporter out to the 13th Street Walmart to get shoppers’ opinions.

“That’s really wrong. I don’t think an employee should be doing that, and Walmart should issue an apology,” said Hector Pozzo, who was shopping at the store.

“This is so bad we’re even talking about this at my church,” another shopper said. “Walmart should take immediate action.”

Walmart employee
Community comments on the Walmart event (Credit: Screenshot)

Walmart assured the community they were dealing with the situation, and a week later, the investigation by the superstore was concluded. “We take these things seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our stores,” Walmart’s statement said. “We value the relationships we have with law enforcement agencies throughout the country and we’ve met with the St. Cloud Police Department to address their concerns,” they continued. “We want everyone to be treated with respect whether they are in our stores or anywhere in the community.”

Walmart concluded its statement, saying: “The cashier who was involved in this situation no longer works in our store.” Even though the cashier got fired from Walmart, unfortunately, this happens to police officers in our communities more than most of us know.

Something just as appalling happened at a fast-food chain in Texas. “A Popeyes worker in Texas lost their job after allegedly spitting in food before serving it to a police officer,” Fox News reported. “The former employee reportedly wrote an anti-police slogan on the box as well, and even yelled the phrase while the officer waited in the drive-thru,” the outlet continued.

“After placing his order at Popeyes, the officer said he could hear someone yelling ‘ACAB — an acronym for ‘all cops are b——-‘ — while he waited for his food, but didn’t react,” Fox News added. “After receiving his food, the officer reportedly left the drive-thru and then noticed that the letters ‘ACAB’ had been written on the inside of the food container.”

An employee at a Popeyes restaurant in Texas spat in a police officer’s meal and wrote an anti-cop slogan on his order (Credit: Screenshot)

Considering that law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day and that “bad cops” are not the norm nationwide, it’s certainly disheartening to hear about the despicable things they endure when donning a uniform that should be universally respected.

Sadly, anti-police protesters have demonized all cops, making their jobs much more dangerous. That’s why those in law enforcement are really touched when members of the community stop to say “thank you,” and we should all take a minute to show our gratitude to those heroes we encounter throughout our day.