Woman Stops Washing Her Hair For 8 Months And Shares The Photos

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This woman stopped washing her hair for eight whole months to see what would happen. You should see the photos of what she looks like now.

Virginia Tapp Stopped Washing Her Hair For 8 Months & Got Good Results
Virginia Tapp and her daughter. (Photo Credit: Bush Bambinos/Instagram)

The global haircare industry is estimated to be worth a staggering $100 billion. But what if you were told that most of the products we use on our hair are entirely unnecessary? Sure, you might agree. You’ve bought a few frivolous creams and serums that didn’t pan out the way you thought you would. Things like shampoo and conditioner are necessities, though, according to most people.

However, if you ask mother-of-two Virginia Tapp, from regional New South Wales, you don’t really need shampoo or conditioner, either. She took a big risk — she ditched these products and didn’t wash her hair with anything but water for eight whole months. The results were not what you’d expect.

Virginia Tapp Stopped Washing Her Hair For 8 Months & Got Good Results
Virginia Tapp, before she went eight months without washing her hair. (Photo Credit: Bush Bambinos/Instagram)

“My hair hasn’t been washed with shampoo or conditioner, cut or coloured in over eight months,” Virginia Tapp wrote on her blog, Bush Bambinos. “And it’s actually doing amazingly well. You might be wondering why, oh god, why? In a nut shell, it’s because I wanted to use less stuff on my body and send less stuff down the drain.”

“Isn’t it just a little bit strange that we have to use three different types of soap when we wash?” pondered Virginia. “Is that so people can sell me more stuff I don’t actually need?” It would appear so, if the results of her little experiement are any indication.

Virginia Tapp Stopped Washing Her Hair For 8 Months & Got Good Results
Virginia Tapp’s hair, looking remarkably normal, even after she stopped washing it for eight months. (Photo Credit: Bush Bambinos/Instagram)

“To be honest I haven’t even missed it – one less thing I have to do in my day,” admitted Virginia after going eight months without applying shampoo or conditioner. “Some people talk about transitioning and weaning off shampoo but you want to know what happened when I stopped washing my hair cold turkey? Nothing.”

“Turns out there is nothing I do in my day that can’t be washed off with regular hot water,” she wrote. “I’m not saying that everyone can go cold turkey with shampoo – I get that there are different hair types and so on. But washing strips your hair of its natural oils and actually stimulates the glands to produce MORE oil.”

Virginia Tapp Stopped Washing Her Hair For 8 Months & Got Good Results
Virginia Tapp and her babies. (Photo Credit: Bush Bambinos/Instagram)

“Shampoo also contains quite powerful detergent and emulsifying agents. The general rule is the more foamy and sudsy your shampoo lather is – the more ingredients it contains that you can’t spell or pronounce,” Virginia explained. “So in summary I stopped washing my hair and nobody died. If anything I actually get less knots now. Hair is neither oily or dry. It doesn’t smell like Palmolive but it doesn’t smell like sour milk either. It just smells like hair.”

In this day and age, there is certainly no shortage of hippy-dippy health nut trends being passed around. But before you go passing this off as one of those, just consider how much money you could save if you never had to buy shampoo or conditioner again. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time we were duped into buying something en mass that was totally unnecessary in the first place.