VIDEO: Man Shows The “Best Way” To Get A Crackhead Off Your Porch

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A controversial video is making its rounds on the internet after a fed-up man recorded what he seems to believe is the “best way” to get a crackhead off your porch. However, some people say he went too far. You be the judge.

Man Shows The "Best Way" To Get A Crackhead Off Your Porch
The so-called crackhead Dollarbillionz discovered on his porch (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After finding a persistent crackhead on his porch who simply wouldn’t go away, a man calling himself “Dollarbillionz” recorded the video, which was later posted to social media. In the footage, he went outside and enacted a plan that had a very high chance of being successful after he found the unwanted guest roaming around outside his home in the early morning hours.

Disturbing him with her loud and annoying behavior, it’s obvious that he’s none too pleased as he uses expletives to describe the scene. “As you can see, it’s about 60 degrees, early in the morning,” he says at the beginning of the video while standing outside his home in Modesto, California. “And, this is the type of sh*t you gotta deal with,” he adds, as viewers hear and see the rambling woman, who’s obviously impaired and creating a disturbance.

Man Shows The "Best Way" To Get A Crackhead Off Your Porch
Instead of leaving, the woman only seemed to come closer and get louder. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“Everybody knows it’s too damn early for this sh*t,” he says as he pans the camera back towards the woman who hasn’t stopped talking nonsensically to herself since the video started. Rambling incoherently, she then leaves out a loud squeal, and it becomes increasingly obvious why the man simply doesn’t want her there.

The woman, who was clearly not with it mentally and appeared to be under the influence of some mind-altering substance, had been mumbling to herself for a few hours, according to the man, and he has had enough. “I’ve been listening to this sh*t since about 2 in the f*cking morning,” a furious Dollarbillionz explains. “And, this is what we do about that,” he continues before showing viewers “how to get a crackhead off your porch.”

As the woman slowly wandered closer, still continuing with her unintelligible ramblings, the man whips out his garden hose. Before she realizes what’s about to happen, he turns the hose on her. With the water coming out full blast, he drenches her with the stream as she screams and hollers as she attempts to run away. Following closely behind her as she tries to make her getaway, he continues to soak her down.

“This strategy is also effective against punk rock hoes that will not get off yo’ d*ck,” he declares before encouraging viewers to “have a nice day, share, and go viral.” And, go viral it did. However, it wasn’t his discovery of the drug-addicted woman and her behavior that’s making the video so popular, but rather the way in which he made her leave. While some applauded his reaction, not everyone was a fan of Dollarbillionz’s methods. Many suggested that he should have simply called the cops and let law enforcement remove her. Others fault him for being cruel to a “homeless” woman, but it’s not clear if she was indeed homeless or just wondering the streets high.

Man Shows The "Best Way" To Get A Crackhead Off Your Porch
Dollarbillionz posted this image on Facebook later with the caption “Guess who’s back,” causing some to speculate as to whether the video was staged. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Responding to his critics, Dollarbillionz commented that if his mom, sister, daughter, etc. ever did drugs, they would get the same treatment from him. “This was intended to raise awareness about keeping kids off drugs,” he added. “People see it & laugh but the truth is if you gonna throw your life away & be a drug addict parasite stay off my property.” It really is that simple, isn’t it? Had she stayed off of drugs and not trespassed on a stranger’s property, the internet wouldn’t be having this debate.

Although it’s also unknown whether the woman was actually on crack, it’s clear she was under the influence of something and not in her right mind. And, whether you like how she was handled or not, there’s something here we should all be able to agree on. This video should deter anyone from using drugs since you clearly see what it reduces the user to when they are high. Not only is this drug addict an annoying, bumbling idiot, she was also at the mercy of whoever found her. And, as we can see, that wasn’t a good position to be in.