VIDEO: Professor Explains Where Woke Insanity Has Led America

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When Professor Victor Davis Hanson talked about where America has been led by those who promote a woke society, the audience couldn’t help but laugh at the insanity of it all.

Victor Davis Hanson
Professor Victor Davis Hanson (Credit: YouTube)

Victor Davis Hanson is a renowned professor and a conservative commentator who has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Washington Times, and other media outlets. When the professor emeritus spoke to an audience about where he claims “woke insanity” has led this country, Hanson’s colorful description was deemed “hilarious.”

In the two-minute video clip that is going viral, Hanson uses the Jussie Smollett saga to make his case about the “absolute absurdity of woke culture.” Most will remember the actor’s hate crime hoax where he accused two white men and the “MAGA” movement of attacking him.

Jussie Smollett was found guilty of staging a hoax hate crime. (Credit: YouTube)

“When I spoke about the Jussie Smollett case,” the professor began, “wasn’t that sort of the ultimate trajectory of identity politics? Because what [Smollett] was saying to America was: ‘I’m going to create the most unlikely impossible illogical scenario in the world, and I’m gonna make America believe it because they’re so deranged, I can get away with it.'”

“So, it wasn’t just I’m African-American, but I’m going to be African-American and gay,” Hanson said while referring to Smollett. “I’m not just going to be African-American and gay, but I’m going to be African-American and I’m going to hate Trump. I’m not just going to be African-American and hate Trump but I’m going to be young and hip and on Empire. I’m not going to do just all that, but I’m going to be walking around at 2 AM.”

Victor Davis Hanson
Professor Victor Davis Hanson speaks to an audience about woke culture in America. (Credit: Screenshot)

“And I’m not just going to be walking at 2 AM,” Hanson added, “I’m going to see two white guys who happen to be prowling around liberal Chicago. And not just two white guys who are doing that, they’re going to have MAGA hats on, and they’re not just going to have MAGA hats on…these are two white guys with MAGA hats in liberal Chicago who say we’re going to prow around because maybe Jussie Smollett, who we immediately recognize, and yell out as the enemy in Empire because we always watch Empire.”

“And you know, Bob says to Fred, ‘let’s go out and look for Jussie Smollett-type people tonight,'” the professor continued. “And by the way, let’s take some lynch rope with us, and then, if that’s not enough let’s get bleach that freezes at five degrees and we’ll throw it and defy the laws of chemistry, it won’t freeze in our case. And then, not only we’ll we do all that, we’ll beat him up. And we’re very big, but Jussie’s very small, but he’s a better fighter and he’s gonna fight us off while he has a sandwich in one hand, and his cell phone in another recording the whole thing. That’s what we are asked to believe, and the nation did.”

The professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno also spoke out during an appearance on Fox News claiming woke ideology won’t end well. “It’s a very evil ideology because it’s cruel. It’s mean-spirited,” Hanson said. “And we haven’t talked about that. But if that’s what it is and it won’t end until the people start identifying it like that … It’s cruelty because it has a history throughout the centuries, and it doesn’t end well.”

Hanson said that the refusal to take criminals to task, among other injustices, is causing the American people to lose faith in institutions that were once held in high esteem. The distrust is part of what is causing the American way of life to “unwind,” according to Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson
Professor Victor Davis Hanson (Credit: Screenshot)

“We fear the government and so the government’s lost credibility, morality, and we’ve got to restore it by all of these DA’s [re-starting to] prosecute crimes. You have to be arrested,” Hanson declared. “You have to be indicted if you’re guilty. You have to serve your time to regain confidence and make it safe to be a human again.”

“I think finally, we really have to redefine this whole woke ideology,” the professor said. “We think it’s kind of cute or it’s incompetent or it’s left-wing or it’s Marxist. [But] it’s cruel, it’s mean. It tells you, me, every citizen: If you get hurt, you get shot, we’re not going to worry about you. And the person who did that to you is probably going to be out without bail or not prosecuted for an earlier crime. It tells a young child: you in the present are going to learn good racism because there was bad racism in the past. It tells the old guy that is 68 like me, if you need treatment, you may be the wrong color – you wait in line.”