Passengers Watch Cruel Woman Abusing Dog On Train, Then One Man Steps Up

A disturbing video is making its round on the internet after capturing a shocking chain of events. As a depraved woman began to cruelly abuse her dog using not only her hands but her mouth as well, at least one shocked onlooker began to record. Another man, however, wasn’t content to just capture the woman’s actions on video, so he decided it was time to step up.

Toronto Subway Passengers Horrified As Cruel Woman Abuses Dog On Train
A deranged woman appears to bite her dog on a Toronto subway. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Passengers aboard a Toronto subway at St. George station were left horrified one Friday afternoon after a woman began to interact bizarrely with her canine companion. “You hear me? Stop it, stop it right now,” the woman yells at the tiny dog. Then, she appears to bite the dog and hit it repeatedly.

As the clearly distressed animal tries to move away from its abuser several times, the woman violently yanks on its leash. Disturbingly, passengers quietly watch, not doing anything to stop the behavior unfolding in front of them. That is until one brave man decided that enough was enough.

Toronto Subway Passengers Horrified As Cruel Woman Abuses Dog On Train
The woman yells at the dog on the Toronto subway. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Toronto Subway Passengers Horrified As Cruel Woman Abuses Dog On Train
Repeatedly, the woman on the Toronto subway appears to bite the animal. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“I just finished work and got on TTC [Toronto Transit Commision] at Bloor-Yonge station. This trash non-stop hits her dog bites and pulled its hair,” Roxy Huang wrote as she posted the clip to YouTube. “I was so furious to see her abuse her dog.” Apparently, Roxy wasn’t the only one who was furious.

“You’ve got to stop hitting your dog,” a brave man finally says to the woman while the train is stopped and the emergency alarm is going off. The woman initially acts confused, but then begins to get loud and rude as she hurls expletives at the concerned man. The hero refuses to give in, standing his ground and continuing to work towards getting the dog a reprieve. But, he was actually the least of her worries as she’d soon find out.

“After [a] few mins, a man walked to her and asked her to stop, meanwhile, a man walked to [the] driver’s room. The whole train stopped, more than 3 TTC staff walked to her and then she got off the train,” Roxy added in the video’s description before saying what we are all thinking: “Someone like her should never own a dog or a pet.” Luckily, authorities agreed, and the tiny dog has been reported safe from its deranged owner.

Although the dog was originally left in the care of the woman after the Toronto police were called, things later took a turn, and it’s thanks to one passenger on the train. “The dog was returned to the owner by the police as the police had no grounds to remove the dog from the owner under the law. If the dog is not in immediate distress … they wouldn’t have grounds to keep it,” Alison Cross, Ontario SPCA communications director, explained originally. However, Cross more recently told the Toronto Sun, “The dog is in our care and charges are pending.”

Toronto Subway Passengers Horrified As Cruel Woman Abuses Dog On Train
Thanks to the man who confronted the woman and the passenger who recorded the evidence, the dog seen abused on the Toronto subway has since been reported safe from its deranged owner. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Although I initially wanted to criticize the woman who sat and “did nothing” but record the incident with her phone, it was thanks to that footage that the dog is now safe. Once police saw the video filmed by the TTC passenger, they immediately brought the matter to the OSPCA. The woman was then located and the dog was removed from her custody immediately.

It’s easy to criticize those who seemingly looked on and did nothing while praising only the man who stepped up to say something. Both individuals in this case, however, played an imperative role in helping this innocent animal. Confronting abuse and stopping it when we see it is absolutely the right thing to do, but capturing some evidence of the strange events we witness isn’t necessarily a bad idea either. Had Roxy not decided to do just that, this poor pooch would likely still be in harm’s way, in the custody of this obviously unstable woman.