Camera Captures Moment Soldier Approaches Mom On Tennis Court

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A woman was enjoying a simple tennis match when things took a very unexpected turn. Glancing over the fence, she quickly noticed she was being recorded. When she realized why she was being videoed, it sent her running and screaming.

An unnamed wife and mother was unaware that she was being recorded during a tennis match. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

An unnamed woman, who also happens to be a wife and mother, was going about her day, not expecting to be caught on camera during her tennis match with friends. Playing doubles with some other ladies, she was focused on her game but soon realized something didn’t feel right — and for good reason.

Not only was she being watched, she was being recorded. It might have been that “feeling of being watched” that finally drew her attention away from the game, but nothing could have prepared her for what she’d see when she looked up from the tennis match. Now, the video has gone viral after capturing what sent the woman running and screaming from the court.

As the man films the tennis match, some viewers quickly notice that he has a holstered gun on his hip. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

As the footage begins, it’s unclear what is going on. After capturing a quick glimpse of the woman taking her stance on the court, the video pans away from the tennis match and captures an unusual shadow on the ground. A few keen eyes immediately notice the undeniable outline of a holstered gun on the hip of the man recording, who seems to be making his way around the fenced court to the gate.

When the camera once again focuses on the court, we realize the man definitely isn’t alone as he tells a companion, “She’s focused.” Soon, that focus shifts to the two men watching her. As she appears to adjusts her bottoms, she takes an apprehensive look around, likely trying to ensure no one saw her “picking her wedgie.” However, she was about to get the shock of her life.

The unnamed woman looks around as she adjusts her bottoms during a tennis match. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

She was spotted alright, but that’s not what sends her running and screaming. “Oh, my God!” she shouts as her voice starts to crack after she looks over the fence and spots the men watching her. That’s when she tries to get off the court as quickly as she can.

As the footage continues, viewers start to have a hunch about what’s going on as tears from all parties begin to pour between squeals and giggles. Clasping her hand over her mouth in utter shock, the mom makes her way to the fence, and that’s when everyone is clued in as to exactly what is going on.

With a shocked, “What are you doing here!” the woman flees her tennis match to greet the man who’s been watching her — her son, who has returned from his second tour in Afghanistan a month earlier than she expected. He’s accompanied by his father, who’s a police officer, which explains the previously seen shadow of a holstered gun.

Being the very last person she ever expected to see, she was sent into absolute hysterics, not able to get off the court fast enough. Meeting her at the gate, her soldier son takes his emotional mother into his arms, and that’s when she really loses it, sobbing with tears of joy to have her baby safely home again.

Woman Sent Running During Tennis Match When She Spots Military Son
The unnamed mom embraces her soldier son after he surprised her during her tennis match. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“How am I supposed to play now?” she jokes, grinning from ear to ear as she kisses her son. The relief she feels, seeing that he’s returned home safely, is palpable, and it leaves viewers realizing that when a young man goes off to defend his country, he’s not the only one who makes a significant sacrifice.

Videos such as this make us grateful not only for our troops who protect us and our freedoms every day but also for their families who undoubtedly miss them more than we can imagine while they are gone. This mom’s reaction says it all.

Woman Sent Running During Tennis Match When She Spots Military Son
The unnamed mom is obviously surprised and relieved to see her son is home. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Woman Sent Running During Tennis Match When She Spots Military Son
The reunion is an emotional one. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Parents, siblings, children, spouses, and even the close friends of our military men and women spend their days trying not to let worry overtake them as they navigate through life while their loved one is deployed. It’s always heartwarming to see those fears put to rest with an emotional reunion.

Thank you, sir, for your service, and thanks mom and dad for raising such a fine young man — and capturing such an emotional moment on camera for the rest of the world to enjoy. I don’t know about you, but it certainly left me counting my blessings.

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