Teacher Explains ‘Non-Binary’ To 2nd Graders, They Get ‘Mad’ At Her

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When a woman, claiming to be a second-grade teacher, allegedly attempted to explain the concept of “non-binary” to her students, she says the children became “mad” at her. Were they right to be frustrated? You decide.

The woman who allegedly attempted to explain “non-binary” to second-grade students (Credit: Screenshot)

A woman, claiming to be a second-grade teacher, caught the attention of concerned parents after she posted a video sharing an incident involving her second-grade students. In the clip, the teacher said she attempted to explain the term “non-binary” to her 7-year-old pupils and recounted the children’s reactions.

“So, today in queer teacher things, one of my students asked about my roommate, and I told them their name, and they asked if my roommate was a boy or a girl,” the alleged educator begins. “And I said ‘neither,’ and they were like ‘no, Miss Brown, are they a boy or a girl?’ And I said, ‘they are my friend, they’re neither.'”

Students studying with a teacher for representational purposes only (Credit: Pexels)

The teacher continued to have a back and forth with her students. “And then [the students] were like ‘do they have a boy or a girl name?'” she explained. “And I said ‘neither,’ and they said, ‘do they wear boy clothes or girl clothes?’ And I said, ‘well, what are boy clothes and girl clothes?’ And they said, ‘you know,’ and I said, ‘no I don’t know, what are boy clothes or girl clothes?'”

At this point, the 7-year-olds were allegedly becoming frustrated. “And [the students] said, ‘well, what kind of clothes do they wear?’ And I said, ‘well, they usually wear jeans and a t-shirt,'” the teacher recounted. “And [the students] said, ‘what color is the t-shirt?’ And I said, ‘all colors.’ And they said, ‘that doesn’t make any sense!’ And I said, ‘it doesn’t have to make any sense.’ And then they walked away cause they got mad at me.'”

Although the authenticity of the claims cannot be independently confirmed, the video was shared by the popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok,” and from there, it was picked up by many conservative sites, who found the second graders’ response to have a touch of irony. “All of this of course leads to the question as to why her students are versed in her personal life, to begin with,” Jim Patrick wrote via Law Enforcement Today. “Does this add to the learning experience? Why do kids need to know about their teachers’ personal lives?”

Patrick wasn’t done with his comments. “For those of us adults in the room who understand basic genetics and biology, what this teacher tried to explain to her second-graders don’t make sense in any way, shape or form. But to have these children react to the teacher and give an honest assessment as a child, ‘that doesn’t make any sense’ is instructive for adults,” he added. “What’s the saying? ‘Out of the mouth of babes…'”

Matt Walsh, who is a commentator for the right-wing site The Daily Wire, made headlines when he announced his documentary titled What is a Woman? Walsh begins the film by interviewing several prominent proponents of transgender ideology. They are surprisingly candid given Walsh’s repudiation, but when asked to define the term “woman,” they say they can’t. Ultimately, they all settle on the meaning of the word as “someone who identifies as a woman.”

“When Walsh rightly demonstrates their circular logic, they become malicious,” Catholic reporter Nick Olyszk writes. “Congressman Mark Takano, for example, who usually never misses an opportunity to flaunt his LGBT credentials, could not last one question before storming away.”

Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh spoke with the African Masai tribe about gender (Credit: Screenshot)

In the documentary, Walsh outlines his task as truth-seeking, and he interviews many educated people. “I’m looking for the truth,” Walsh tells Michele Forcier, a pediatrician. “Whose truth?” she asks in response. “Just, the objective truth… reality,” Walsh responds, which causes her to look rather upset. Dr. Patrick Grzanka, a Professor of Gender Studies, goes even farther, labeling truth “transphobic.” Walsh goes as far as Africa to find the truth, and it’s there he visits the Masai tribe, finding that “they easily outline the gender roles in society and express bewilderment” when presented with this debate. “There is no such thing here,” the chief says.

Those who fully support the LBGTQ+ movement push back and are on board with teaching young minds about genderism, saying it’s part of the Civil Rights movement that started in the 1960s. Others, of course, feel otherwise, arguing that such lessons create confusion, as the clip at the beginning of this article seems to suggest. One thing is for certain, though: This debate isn’t going away any time soon as every American has a right to speak their mind and discuss what they believe is right for their own kids.