Fast-Food Employee Sues For Police Brutality, Later Commits Felony

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After a woman filed a federal lawsuit for alleged police brutality, the jury sided with the police department. However, she later was charged with retaliating in the most disgusting way, allegedly committing a felony against an unsuspecting officer.

Tatyana Hargrove
Tatyana Hargrove first made headlines for filing a federal lawsuit against the City of Bakersfield for her wrongful arrest. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Tatyana Hargrove first made headlines in 2017, after she was mistaken by Bakersfield Police for an armed and dangerous suspect. The young woman was charged with resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer after she became combative. The officers didn’t realize that she wasn’t their culprit until they had her detained in the back of a patrol vehicle.

The DA soon dropped all charges against Hargrove. However, it didn’t stop the young woman from filing a federal lawsuit against the city. She claimed that the officers had violated her rights and used excessive force when they arrested her, which left her with visible injuries. Despite garnering massive support and becoming a face for the Black Lives Matter movement, the jury ultimately sided with the city.

Despite garnering the support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, a jury ultimately sided with the city. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hargrove must have bottled up her resentment and bias toward law enforcement, as she’s been accused of poisoning an officer’s food while working at a local McDonald’s. The 21-year-old was captured on video allegedly wiping a burger bun on the restaurant floor and spitting on the bread before serving it to a city police officer in the drive-thru, according to NBC News. She is also accused of shouting “black lives matter” and “f— the pigs” during the incident.

Hargrove was arrested after coworkers reported hearing her draw saliva into her mouth as she was preparing the meal, although none stopped her from serving the food, according to the New York Daily News. Surveillance footage also caught her wiping off her mouth after the alleged incident.

Tatyana Hargrove
Tatyana Hargrove has been accused by coworkers of poisoning a police officer’s hamburger. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hargrove was initially charged with battery, but the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence. However, she will see her day in court thanks to prosecutors hitting her with a felony charge of poisoning an officer’s food, according to court documents, the Washington Examiner reports.

The officer didn’t report falling ill and didn’t seek medical treatment, as he was unaware of what he had consumed until much later. Still, he was understandably sicked by the fact that Hargrove had tampered with his food.

The alleged incident took place at a local McDonald’s and was captured on camera. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hargrove’s lawyer argued that there isn’t enough evidence to convict her client since the camera only captured the fast-food worker’s back. Still, the footage appears to show Hargrove wiping her mouth and wiping the bun on the floor. In addition to accusations of saliva on the officer’s burger, there may have been chemicals on the floor of the restaurant.

The prosecution requested that a blood test be submitted to determine if Hargrove’s saliva contains any infectious diseases or illnesses. If it does, her spit could be a “harmful substance.”

Tatyana Hargrove
Tatyana Hargrove maintains her innocence, despite her coworker’s claims that she spat on a police officer’s food. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hargrove maintains her innocence and denies all allegations of tampering with a police officer’s food. Still, her coworkers and surveillance footage seem to point to the opposite.

Regardless of what happened to her in the past with law enforcement, taking out her resentment on an innocent stranger in such a way is a concept that anyone who dines out would find disturbing.