McDonald’s Worker Contaminates Cop’s Food, Judge Removes Her Smile

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A video shows a McDonald’s worker tampering with a burger that was consumed by an unsuspecting police officer. Witnesses claimed she shouted “black lives matter” and “f*ck the pigs.” The employee thought she’d get away with a slap on the wrist, but the judge wiped the smile off her face.

Tatyana Hargrove
Tatyana Hargrove in 2017 at a “Justice for Tatyana” protest (Credit: YouTube)

Tatyana Hargrove first made headlines in 2017 after she was mistaken by Bakersfield police officers as a wanted suspect. Unfortunately, Hargrove assaulted two police officers while resisting arrest and was bitten by a police canine. The DA declined to bring charges against her. However, the Bakersfield NAACP sued the Bakersfield Police Department (BPD) on behalf of Hargrove claiming “civil rights violations.” The jury sided with the BPD.

Hargrove, who was employed by McDonald’s, was back in the news again after CCTV footage showed her rubbing hamburger buns on the floor and spitting on a hamburger patty, which was consumed by a Bakersfield police officer. Prosecutor Gina Pearl said another McDonald’s employee reported hearing Hargrove draw saliva into her mouth as she prepared the cop’s order, according to KGET. 

Tatyana Hargrove
Tatyana Hargrove spitting on hamburger patty (left), Hargrove crouching down wiping a bun on the floor (right) (Credit: YouTube)

According to court documents and witness testimony, Hargrove tampered with the officer’s food while shouting “black lives matter and “f*ck the pigs.” Deputy Carly Snow, who investigated the incident, testified that Hargrove said she yelled those words because she knew the burger was going to be served to a police officer. The officer was in a black and white patrol car and in full uniform in the drive-thru lane, the report adds.

The McDonald’s manager, Herman Trevino, reported the incident to the police. When deputies interviewed Trevino about the incident, he claimed that he told Hargrove not to do it. “She dropped the buns and I thought she was just being funny… so I told her, I was like ‘don’t give him those buns,'” Trevino told a Kerns County deputy. Trevino also heard Hargrove shout “black lives matter” and f*ck the pigs.”

According to KABC, Kerns County deputies went to Hargrove’s home and placed her under arrest. When questioned about the incident, Hargrove said she was in a rush, dropped a burger, and still used it. She denied spitting on the burger. “When you’re in the back cooking and you’re in a rush, like sometimes you’ll be like, ‘Oh ok, it’s a five-second rule’, which is very inconsiderate, don’t get me wrong. But, unfortunately, I chose to make the decision which is very odd,” Hargrove told the deputy.

At the preliminary hearing, things didn’t go well for the accused. Deputy Public Defender Lexi Blythe, Hargrove’s attorney, argued there wasn’t enough evidence for the felony filed against her client. Not only did Judge Larrie R. Brainard believe there was enough evidence for felony charges, but he also felt Hargrove should spend time in jail.

Black Panther party representatives led a “Justice for Tatyana” protest against the Bakersfield Police Department (Credit: YouTube)

With the writing on the wall, Hargrove’s public defender convinced the former McDonald’s employee to take a plea deal and admit to the “willful mingling of poison or a harmful substance with food.” According to KGET, “Under the terms of the plea deal, Tatyana Hargrove agreed to serve 45 days in jail, perform 100 hours of community service and receive mental health counseling. She entered the plea before Judge Charles R. Brehmer.”

Prosecutor Gina Pearl said Tatyana Hargrove has the chance to complete probation and turn her life around after serving her jail time, and she hopes she makes the most of the opportunity. “It is absolutely unacceptable to target police officers in our community,” Pearl said. “Today, the defendant took responsibility for her disgusting and dangerous actions.”