Mom Buys Son Toy Resembling Dildo, He Waves It Around At Church

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A mom thought she had found quite the deal when her toddler took interest in some toy bananas in the clearance section of a store. Little did she know, the purchase would lead to big trouble when her son “peeled” them and she saw what was inside.

Tamra Lerum
Tamra Lerum with one of her sons (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Tamra Lerum, a Prior Lake, Minnesota mother-of-two, was shopping at her local Walgreens with her young son Finn when the toddler decided he had to have some toy bananas that he spotted, likely thanks to their bright packaging aimed at kids.

Since the items were “super discounted,” Tamra grabbed up a couple of handfuls of the clearance toys, thinking she was getting a bargain. “They’re super squishy,” Tamra said, describing the bananas Finn had spotted at Walgreens. “It has cute packaging, and it’s a good sensory toy for a toddler,” the mom added.

Tamra Lerum
Tamra Lerum with her sons (Photo Credit: Facebook)

At only fifty cents apiece, Tamra decided to purchase a bunch of the bananas — no pun intended. All seemed well until her son opened the bananas and began to “peel” them. “Well, I’m having trouble with them,” Tamra admitted later.

“Can anyone guess why?” she asked her Facebook followers. Along with her inquiry, Tamra included two pictures of her recent purchase. First, the one seen below showed how the “innocent” items were “packaged super cute” and “appealing for kids,” according to the Minnesota mom.

Tamra Lerum bought these toy bananas for her son. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Tamra learned, however, not to judge a book by its cover, so to speak. “Then you open the package and peel them! Inside is a surprise!” Tamra furthered, including a second picture with her post that revealed the problem the mother discovered after her son peeled his new banana toys.

“It’s supposed to be a finger,” Tamra explained. But, that’s certainly not what most people see when they look at the second photo she included with her post, showing what was underneath the banana peel.

Tamra Lerum shows what was inside her son’s toy banana. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Perhaps rather than discounting the merchandise, the manufacturer should have repackaged the “surprise bananas” and marketed them as bachelorette party favors instead, social media users suggested. Apparently, they didn’t think it looked much like a finger either.

Looks like a giant dildo my 3-year-old is waving around,” Tamra admitted, disturbed by what her son received inside his toy banana. “I was disgusted,” she added in a comment, saying she was “honestly shocked.” Unfortunately, as if Tamra wasn’t already traumatized enough, things were only going to go from bad to worse.

According to the package, the toy Tamra Lerum bought is supposed to be a finger. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Finn had opened the bananas, revealing their shocking surprise, while he and his mom were on their way to pick up Tamra’s older son Jaxson from preschool, and Finn wanted to bring his new toy inside to show his big brother. “I said, ‘No,'” Tamra explained, but added, “Of course, he doesn’t listen.

Since the new toy was squishy, Finn managed to cram it into his jacket pocket. To Tamra’s horror, he whipped the “banana finger” from his coat the moment they were inside the school as she yelled, “Finn, put that away!” Making matters worse for the mortified mom, her son’s preschool is in a church, where her toddler was flinging around what looked like an adult toy.

When her son whipped out his new toy at his brother’s preschool, Tamra Lerum was mortified. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“Who thought this was ok?” Tamra Lerum asked, embarrassed but hoping to save others from the same humiliation. “I figured I should forewarn anyone who may run into these toys in the future,” she wrote.

“I would hate for some parent to buy them as a party favor for their kids birthday party or something,” Tamra added, calling the merchandise and the experience “just awful.”

Tamra Lerum
Tamra Lerum with her husband and sons (Photo Credit: Facebook)

To be fair, ORB Odditeez™ markets their merchandise as “completely bizarro,” and their website warns you will get a “gross surprise.” Of course, most parents still wouldn’t expect a child’s toy to look so “adult” in nature. Thanks to Tamra Lerum, at least others can be warned.

Luckily, this is a lot like the adult-oriented jokes that writers sometimes sneak into a kids’ movie. The innocent child has no idea it’s inappropriate. Of course, the glaring difference is that this item can be pulled out in public, around strangers, who have no idea it’s an “innocent” toy and not something the kid grabbed from mom’s nightstand drawer.

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