‘World’s Hottest Doc’ Complains Patients Don’t Take Her Seriously

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A female physician, who has been dubbed the “world’s hottest doctor,” found her racy photos being heavily criticized. It all started after she complained that “patients don’t take me seriously.”

Dr. Stacey Naito
Stacey Naito (Credit: YouTube)

Stacey Naito, who resides in California, claims she is not the type of person people expect to encounter when they seek medical treatment. Naito works as a medical director at a Los Angeles “rejuvenation center” and participates in bodybuilding competitions, where she is frequently introduced as the “hottest doctor on the planet.”

“I consider the title of ‘world’s hottest doctor’ an incredible honor,” the fit physician told The Sun. “I know that people don’t expect doctors to be attractive or sexy, as if being a medical professional and being alluring are mutually exclusive.”

Because of her good looks, many patients have expressed misgivings about her competence throughout her career, according to the California doctor. “Over the years, I have had some frustrating situations arise in which I have been criticized simply for being an attractive woman who is a physician,” Naito explained.

“Back when I was in medical school, a medical resident approached me and said that I didn’t look like a doctor because I was pretty and in shape. He went on to say that I probably wouldn’t be taken seriously as a doctor because of it,” Naito stated. The medical resident’s prophecies seemingly came true, and the brunette physician was plagued by individuals who questioned her ability to practice medicine.

“I have had numerous patients express concern over my appearance as if being attractive somehow diminishes my credibility as a doctor,” Stacey Naito declared. The female doctor refuses to minimize her beauty, boldly flaunting her fit physician’s physique at numerous bodybuilding tournaments and on social media.

“Many people seem to think that it isn’t appropriate for a doctor, especially a female, to compete in the bodybuilding world because that means she must step onstage in a blingy bikini and strut her stuff,” Naito stated. “However, I love bashing stereotypes. I refuse to cave into such stereotypical mindsets and am not afraid to fend off the harsh and unkind words of people who are that narrow-minded.”

Stacey Naito added, “The message I always strive to communicate to followers is that ANYONE can live an empowered life, and that by adopting healthy lifestyle habits, they can transform their bodies and their lives.”

Numerous social media users trashed Naito and her photos after she lamented about her battles with being taken seriously as a medical professional.

“Maybe you’re not taken seriously because you are plastering half-naked pics of yourselves all over the internet,” one netizen posted. “Most people expect their docs to act professional. Not seeking attention for being attractive.”

Another wrote, “Maybe they don’t take you seriously because you lack humility. Your pics scream ‘I’m a narcissist!”

One social media user posted, “People don’t take you seriously not because of your looks but because you are posting pics like you are trying out for a gentlemen’s magazine.”

However, not everyone was so eager to attack Stacey Naito. Many social media users supported Naito and came to her defense.

“There is someone for everyone,” one fan posted. “Outer beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Inner beauty is what matters in the long run. More power to her if she has that.”

Another wrote, “Brains and beauty. Can’t argue with that.”

Naito remains defiant and takes the critics in stride. “While I don’t consider myself glamorous, I take pride in being a woman, being feminine, and being well put together when it comes to my personal appearance,” she declared. “I definitely feel that people pay more attention to me because of the combination of my career as a physician and my involvement in bodybuilding and fitness.”