Man Sits ‘Alone’ In Forest To Eat Snack, Soon Realizes He Has To Share

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A man sat down alone in the woods, where he decided to enjoy a snack while recording some footage of the beautiful forest. Within seconds of biting into his apple, viewers quickly realized what was lurking in the forest around him as he found himself surrounded by unexpected visitors.

Man Sits Alone In Southern Ontario Forest, Gets Surrounded By Deer
Sitting alone in a southern Ontario forest, a man begins to enjoy his apple. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

A southern Ontario forest has a secret. Not only is it a great place to get up close and personal with Mother Nature, it beholds some pretty magnificent creatures too. One man was lucky enough to show the world just that when he captured his own amazing encounter on video.

As the clip begins, the unnamed man is seen sitting on a log, surrounded by lush green grass and tall trees that provide a comforting shade on a warm day. It’s the perfect place to sit quietly and have lunch, taking in the peace and quiet the woods have to offer.

Man Sits Alone In Southern Ontario Forest, Gets Surrounded By Deer
The man is soon greeted by some guests who emerged from the southern Ontario forest. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Sitting alone after venturing into the forest, the grey-haired man holds an apple in his hands as they rest in his lap. But, when he brings the fruit to his mouth and takes a loud, crisp bite, it’s like he sounded a dinner bell for a few majestic creatures quietly lurking nearby.

As the sound of him tearing into the apple carries through the southern Ontario forest, viewers are treated to an unexpected sight as a few interested visitors emerge, hoping to share in the man’s lunch. If those watching thought the vibrant green colors of the forest were breathtaking, they are about to be even more pleasantly surprised by all the beauty this spot has to offer.

As the man noisily munches on his apple, multiple deer quickly take notice and begin to approach without fear, and there’s a good reason they aren’t afraid. According to the description of the video posted on YouTube, the stunning footage is captured in a beautiful spot in the southern Ontario forest, where deer are protected and have not learned to fear humans.

“If you sit very patiently and quietly, they might even approach a human. It helps even more if you are crunching an apple or a carrot,” the description adds. As the deer come closer, the man tosses them pieces of his apple, doing his best to not make any sudden movements, further gaining the trust of the animals. The deer nibble on the gift, with one getting particularly close to the man as he quietly rests on the log, taking it all in.

Man Sits Alone In Southern Ontario Forest, Gets Surrounded By Deer
One brave deer gets particularly close. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Man Sits Alone In Southern Ontario Forest, Gets Surrounded By Deer
A doe brings her fawns out. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Although a doe typically hides her fawns in tall grass to protect them from predators, the family of deer surprisingly brought their fawns over to enjoy some of the man’s apple too. Indeed, this man received a very rare treat when the mother deer brought her fawns very close to him.

The resulting footage is a breathtaking and beautiful sight. Not only is the location serene, but the moment is truly magical as if it’s something straight out of a fairytale. The video is definitely a much-needed break from all the chaos seen in the world, reminding us of the peace and beauty it also has to offer.

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