Grocery Store Hero Knocks Out Alleged Shoplifter With Soda Bottle

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In what can only be described as a “2-liter takedown,” a grocery store hero knocked out an alleged shoplifter with one impressive move that utilized a soda bottle. The suspect never saw it coming, but luckily for us, it was all caught on video, so we can see it again and again. And, trust me, you’re going to want to watch this more than once.

A man in black, who appears to be a security guard, attempts to stop a presumed shoplifter from leaving a grocery store before the thief is taken down with a soda bottle. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A shocking video has gone viral after appearing to capture an alleged shoplifter getting his comeuppance from a grocery store hero, armed with only a soda bottle. Although the details behind the clip are few and far between, making authenticating the footage nearly impossible, that didn’t stop it from spreading like wildfire across the internet. After watching the short, 18-second clip, it’s easy to see why.

The footage appears to be from a surveillance camera inside a grocery store and begins with a man in black, who appears to be a security guard, attempting to stop another man from leaving the store. It’s believed that the other man is an alleged shoplifter, hence the reason for the presumed security guard confronting the guy and trying to thwart his exit.

The presumed security guard and alleged shoplifter battle against one another with a row of carts (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Utilizing a row of shopping carts as a barricade, the security guard attempts to block the other male from reaching the exit. However, the man, seen wearing a backpack and trying to leave the premises, is persistent, pushing the carts and the guard towards the door. When it appears he might just succeed in his hasty escape, a third man, who many have assumed is a grocery store employee, appears.

Although the guard was unsuccessful in stopping the alleged shoplifter, the third man, who is seen entering the right side of the video frame, wearing a red, long-sleeve shirt and khakis, had much more success after picking up a soda bottle. In fact, he stopped the alleged shoplifter in his tracks — and all it took was a 2-liter bottle of soda, a good arm, and excellent aim.

As seen in the impressive footage, the alleged thief was quickly and effectively dropped to the ground within seconds after taking a direct hit to the head from what appears to be a 2-liter bottle. The presumed shoplifter was even seemingly rendered unconscious by the flying soda bottle that was launched into the air with a “tomahawk throw” by the guy in red, who may have been a store employee or possibly even another shopper.

Either way, the red-shirted, soda-thrower was a hero in the eyes of many on the internet. After his two-handed, overhead toss of what was likely a bottle of Diet Coca-Cola seemed to knock out the alleged shoplifter, the soda bottle landed safely on top of the discarded shopping carts, according to The Blaze.

shoplifter soda bottle
The unharmed soda bottle came to a rest on the shopping carts after knocking out the alleged shoplifter. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

With shoplifting incidents frequently garnering national attention due to the increased frequency and severity of such situations, it’s no wonder many applauded this alleged thief getting what he deserved.

“This is what happens when you try to take what’s not yours. You get your head bashed in with a Coke bottle,” one approving social media user wrote before offering a warning. “We need more people like this store employee. We need people who are willing to stand up to criminals and defend our property,” they added. “If you’re a shoplifter, watch out. There are people out there who are willing to fight back.”

Many other viewers shared similar sentiments, and they aren’t wrong. There have been many instances where shoplifters and other thieves have been thwarted by employees or fellow store patrons — but usually not by soda bottles. In this case, the culprit was actually lucky. He only had a 2-liter bottle whizzing towards his head rather than a bullet. Now, he has a chance to reconsider his life choices, where other criminals have lost their lives due to their sticky fingers.