Priest Stripped Of Duties After He’s Tied To Singer’s ‘Sexy’ Video

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A pop singer’s “sexy” video inside a Brooklyn Catholic Church blew up after the “despicable” act was tied to its priest, who was then stripped of his duties. The debacle was so salacious that it led to officials holding a “mass of reparation” to restore the church’s “sanctity.”

Sabrina Carpenter
Sabrina Carpenter (Credit: YouTube)

Sabrina Carpenter, a pop singer, became embroiled in a scandal after releasing a music video in which she danced within the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church while wearing an exceedingly short tulle dress, a black veil, and a gold cross necklace. Carpenter was in the Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” TV series that ran from 2014–2017, and she has been singing for several years.

The pop diva, who appeared on the Disney Channel as a child, is shown in many scenarios in the music video with men who act inappropriately, such as taking a nonconsensual photo of her body. The men consequently die in horrible ways. Carpenter posted behind-the-scenes photos from the production, including one from the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, ahead of the debut of her music video.

Sabrina Carpenter is seen dancing next to pastel-colored coffins in the video before romping up and down on the altar. Carpenter is recorded dancing at the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church near the end of the video, wearing an incredibly short dress, as one of the coffins depicted in the background says, “RIP B*tch.”

An urn with the words “RIP” written in pearls and a statuette stating “Good girls go to Heaven” are also shown in the video. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, which oversees Catholic churches in Brooklyn and Queens, issued a statement declaring that correct protocols for allowing recording had not been followed and that it was “appalled.”

A few days later, the diocese relieved the church’s priest, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, of administrative duties and terminated his tenure as the diocese’s vicar of development. Bishop Robert Brennan also offered a Mass of Reparation in the church, according to the diocese, and “through the offering of this Mass, Bishop Brennan has restored the sanctity of this church and repaired the harm.”

Those who attended the Mass of Reparation were “visibly upset by what had been filmed inside their church,” John Quaglione, a press secretary for the diocese, told The New York Times. “The parish did not follow diocesan policy regarding the filming on Church property, which includes a review of the scenes and script,” the diocese told Catholic News Agency.

“A review of the documents presented to the parish in advance of the production, while failing to depict the entirety of the scenes, clearly portray inappropriate behavior unsuitable for a church sanctuary,” the report adds.  In a post on Facebook following those actions asking for the church community’s forgiveness, Gigantiello stated that a film crew visited them in September and that he permitted filming after conducting an internet search of the participants and finding nothing suspicious.

Gigantiello said he had agreed as an “effort to further strengthen the bonds between the young creative artists who make up a large part of this community.” Gigantiello stated that he was not present during filming, had no awareness anything “provocative” was being done, and had no idea coffins would be placed in the church.

Gigantiello spoke about being relieved of his duties. “Many people have expressed to me that they feel these consequences and the extent of my lack of due diligence are not equal, but I place myself at the mercy of God,” he said. “All I ask of you is your forgiveness and prayers and that you be at my side, as I have been for you for the last 29 years of my priesthood.”

Sabrina Carpenter’s response to the church scandal, however, only created more controversy. “We got approval in advance,” Carpenter replied when asked about the backlash surrounding the video. “And Jesus was a carpenter,” she added.