2 Girls Perform Sex Acts At Bar, Decide To Sue When Video Is Released

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After two young women got drunk at a club, they garnered way more attention than they ever imagined as they took off their clothes for raunchy sex acts on the dance floor. Cell phone cameras were recording, and before they knew it, their performance was going viral. However, you will be shocked to learn what they are doing now.

Roxy’s Pub (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Audra O’Neill and Bailey Vaughn were seemingly having the time of their lives at Roxy’s Pub in Palm Beach, Florida, when the two 19-year-olds admittedly went into the establishment, hoping to enjoy some underage drinking. Before the night was over, the two women were on the dance floor, performing sex acts on each other in various states of undress.

The following morning, they woke with much worse than really bad hangovers. Not only were they bruised, but a 10-minute video of their escapades was also going viral after being posted on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. But, it gets worse. It was also all over porn sites, which tells you just how indecent the footage captured was — and the screenshots are only the tip of the iceberg.

Roxys Pub Sued After 2 Young Women Perform Raunchy Sex Act
Audra O’Neill and Bailey Vaughn (Photo Credit: Screenshots via Daily Mail)

The women were eventually kicked out of the bar, but they have no idea how they got home. What they do know, however, is that they were badly bruised, which they claim was from “men groping them and turning them into underage sex slaves.” Although bouncers made them leave, O’Neill and Vaughn said it was the club’s staffers who filmed them performing sex acts while naked on the dance floor, then posted the explicit clip to social media.

According to Vaughn, “A bartender, actually two bartenders, two males, they pretty much have a bottle in one hand and are waving us over to their bar area.” She and O’Neill further allege that the staff served them as many as five cocktails each in 90 minutes without asking for IDs or payment. One bartender allegedly told them that they could pay for the drinks by “showing their t*ts later.” Even so, O’Neill and Vaughn stayed and continued to drink.

Audra O’Neill and Bailey Vaughn (Photo Credit: O’Neill/Vaughn via Daily Mail)

The girls have since sued the club, claiming the bar served them booze and possibly drugs while they were underage. Nearly a year after the incident, Vaughn, who said, “This whole thing changed our lives forever,” insists she and O’Neill were drugged with ecstasy. The young women also claim the video posted online was edited to make them look like they were “happily doing it without any influence.”

As O’Neill and Vaughn pranced around the dance floor, a circle of patrons formed around them as they performed the explicit acts. At one point, a fully-dressed man, who also appears drunk, tried to join in, placing his crotch on O’Neill’s bare buttocks before falling backward while trying to simulate sex. According to the women’s lawsuit, the alcohol removed their ability to “give a reasoned consent, turning them into sex slaves for the night at Roxy’s Pub,” causing them to suffer “extreme emotional distress” and embarrassment.

Roxys Pub Sued After 2 Young Women Perform Raunchy Sex Act
A man simulates sex with one of the women before falling down. (Photo Credit: Screenshots via Daily Mail)

“After we were served a drink downstairs it started to get like foggy, I don’t remember a whole lot after that,” O’Neill said, explaining why she believes they were drugged. “You don’t see that I didn’t take my clothes off, that somebody actually took my pants off,” she added. “We’re still on porn sites?” she also asked in disbelief during an exclusive interview with Daily Mail.

“I can’t believe it. We had no idea. Aren’t they supposed to ask for permission to post that stuff?” This leaves many to wonder, if the footage had not gone public, would the women still have an issue with what happened? Adding to that speculation, O’Neill’s then-boyfriend broke up with her, and Vaughn was fired from her job and kicked out of her rented condo. She struggled to rebuild her life since people recognized her because of her tattoos.

Roxys Pub Sued After 2 Young Women Perform Raunchy Sex Act
The bruises from the night at Roxy’s Pub (Photo Credit: O’Neill/Vaughn via Daily Mail)

“It’s really disheartening,” Vaughn said. “My brother had to hear it from people in high school. Audra and I had to leave South Florida and go back to Nashville,” she added. “A year later, we’re still paying for a small mistake that I’m not sure we are responsible for.” And, that’s the conundrum. Who should be held responsible for what took place?

Yes, the bar should be held accountable for serving alcohol to 19-year-olds since the legal drinking age in Florida is 21. And, they should have thrown the girls out the moment the public indecency started. But, Audra O’Neill and Bailey Vaughn aren’t without fault, as even they admit. They went to a bar, hoping for what they are now, in part, suing for: to be served liquor while underage.

Roxys Pub Sued After 2 Young Women Perform Raunchy Sex Act
Audra O’Neill and Bailey Vaughn (Photo Credit: O’Neill/Vaughn via Daily Mail)

What’s more, the footage clearly depicts O’Neill and Vaughn engaging in acts that are illegal in the city’s public spaces, including full nudity, anilingus, and cunnilingus. Roxy’s Pub is supposed to be “a family restaurant and disco.” So, the bar really should have called the cops on the plastered pair. However, in a shocking twist, the manager claims the women were strippers who were paid by someone outside the bar to put on their show, an allegation O’Neill and Vaughn deny.

According to the complaint filed with a Palm Beach County Circuit Court, the combination of booze and drugs made “both girls extremely intoxicated and experienced unnaturally high levels of dopamine and serotonin … causing a surge in euphoria… triggering hormones to increase sexual arousal and reduce inhibition.”

Regardless of what you think about their behavior, Vaughn said one thing that rings incredibly true. Everyone present was in the wrong. “Even the women who were watching failed us. Nobody called the police. None of them thought of making this whole thing stop,” she said. But, it’s worth mentioning, four bouncers were fired for not intervening.

A whole lot of people did a whole lot of wrong, and no one had the human decency to step in and stop this train wreck. The women should have never entered and attempted to get served. The bar shouldn’t have served them. They should have been removed or had the cops called the moment they became sexually indecent. As the courts attempt to determine who’s to blame, the truth is, there wasn’t one person without some degree of fault in the club that night.