Illegal Alien Rapes, Beats Woman Comatose — Gets New Asylum Center

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After brutally raping and beating a 68-year-old woman into a coma, a 20-year-old illegal immigrant was arrested for the horrific crime. However, just after the elderly woman died from her injuries, the community discovered what was being built in the same place she was attacked.

Rinia Chitanie Illegal Alien Rapes Beats Woman Comatose New Asylum Center
After Rinia Chitanie died in a coma induced by an illegal immigrant, the city council announced disturbing plans. (Photo Credit: Provided)

According to Opsporing Verzocht, residents of Geervliet, a small Dutch suburb in the city of Amsterdam, heard blood-curdling screams coming from outside one evening. After rushing to find the source of the chaos, neighbors saw a young man in a rage beating Rinia Chitanie to a bloody pulp.

No European country has been left untouched by mass migration. Subsequently, many nations have witnessed a correlating rise in crime, especially rape. However, instead of remedying the dangerous trend, politicians and activists are exacerbating it in the most disturbing manner.

A 20-year-old illegal alien confessed to attacking the elderly woman near a local park. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The victim, 68-year-old Rinia Carlien Hazra Chitanie, was rushed to the hospital with numerous broken bones and a serious brain injury, AD reports. Her injuries were so severe that her family didn’t initially recognize her. After lying in a coma for several weeks with a minimal chance of recovery, Chitanie, who worked as a doctor for the Ministry of Defense, was removed from life support by her family members.

During the investigation, police arrested a 20-year-old immigrant who was granted a residence permit while waiting for his asylum application to process. The migrant had been living illegally in the Netherlands for 5 years and had obtained a temporary residency status while claiming asylum, a tactic commonly used by false refugees. His country of origin is currently unknown.

The city council has announced plans to open another asylum center in the same neighborhood in which Rinia Chitanie was attacked. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While in custody, the migrant confessed to beating Chitanie within an inch of her life and even told investigators that he sexually abused the elderly woman prior to the assault, which the authorities suspect was rape. Investigators believe that the man attacked Chitanie as she walked near a local park that evening.

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of the case is that the city council has announced plans to build a new center for illegal immigrants in the same neighborhood in which Chitanie was brutally raped and murdered. Disturbingly, the location is home to mostly senior citizens, many of whom are moving away out of fear of being targeted.

Rinia Chitanie Illegal Alien Rapes Beats Woman Comatose New Asylum Center
Rinia Chitanie sustained broken ribs, a shattered face, and a severe brain injury leading up to her death. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Before Chitanie died, she struggled against a severe brain bleed, broken ribs, a shattered face, and disfiguring wounds. The attack was so horrific that it garnered national attention, sparking peaceful protests and marches in support of justice for the victim as well as against the housing of more migrants in the area.

The suspect has been handed over to mental health professionals for a psychological evaluation. Reportedly, the migrant had been receiving treatment at Arkin mental health facility for a year leading up to the attack. Despite his mental health issues and his status, he was allowed to roam the city freely.

Rinia Chitanie Illegal Alien Rapes Beats Woman Comatose New Asylum Center
Residents have gathered in droves to protest the city council’s decision to open a new asylum center. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Residents have gathered in droves to protest the opening of another refugee center and the city council’s decision to house even more migrants. Still, their concerns are falling on deaf ears. Instead, they are being forced to abandon their city to illegal immigrants arriving daily.

It was illogical to believe that mass migration from countries with innately different values, cultures, and traditions would not cause any problems for the world’s wealthiest, freest nations. Unfortunately, the politicians making the policies to allow such a thing aren’t the ones feeling the negative effects.

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