Pedophile Sexually Abused Almost 200 Children, Meets Gruesome Fate

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After being convicted of sexually abusing at least 191 children, a man who kept a “Pedopoints” scorecard of his young victims met a gruesome fate in prison after inmates became aware of his heinous crimes.

Richard Huckle
After being convicted of raping and molesting at least 191 children, Richard Huckle received the ultimate punishment in prison. (Photo Credit: Provided)

After admittedly raping, molesting, and exploiting dozens upon dozens of children, 33-year-old Richard Huckle earned the infamous reputation of being one of Britain’s worst pedophiles. Despite being convicted of abusing nearly 200 helpless children and proudly keeping records of his sickening endeavors, the sexual predator was no match for his fellow inmates.

Over the course of nine years, UK citizen Huckle posed as a Christian English teacher in poor communities in Malaysia and Cambodia. In reality, the sadistic pedophile was using his experience as a freelance photographer to gain access to hundreds of children, many of whom he groomed and abused for his own sick pleasure. Disturbingly, one of his victims was just 6 months old, according to the Daily Mail.

Richard Huckle was given 22 life sentences but was only required to serve 25 years in jail. (Photo Credit: Hédi Benyounes via Unsplash)

Huckle was sentenced to 22 consecutive life sentences but only required to serve a minimum of 25 years, which he had begun at HMP Full Sutton in York. The prison is notorious for housing many of the nation’s most violent prisoners. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the 560 prisoners discovered why Huckle had been locked up.

Hull Live reports that Huckle was found dead in a pool of blood in his cell after being stabbed to death in a gruesome murder. Officers say that Huckle’s body was “slumped” over in his top floor cell at the prison. He was reportedly killed by a fellow inmate who had fashioned a “shiv” out of a toothbrush.

Richard Huckle
Richard Huckle was found stabbed to death by a fellow inmate in his prison cell. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Huckle was convicted after investigators uncovered a blog detailing his crimes. He had spent years abusing children at care homes and orphanages and even awarded himself “Pedopoints” based on the ferocity of his sexual assaults. Huckle had also recorded himself raping children and infants, amassing around 20,000 images of the abuses, which he sold and distributed.

In online posts, Huckle bragged, “Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class western kids.” Commenting on one of his victims, he boasted, “I’d hit the jackpot, a 3yo girl as loyal to me as my dog and nobody seemed to care.”

Detectives with the National Crimes Agency arrested Huckle after he landed on a flight home to visit family for Christmas. He ultimately confessed his crimes to his parents, who told the police and begged them to take him away.

Richard Huckle kept a blog, bragging about molesting and raping children as young as 6 months old and awarding himself “Pedopoints” for his more violent acts. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Richard Huckle was caught after Australian police contacted authorities in an investigation into a pedophile website on the dark web. Officials confirmed that the site had 9,000 members before it was finally shut down.

Huckle’s accused killer is just as depraved and dangerous as he was. Investigators identified the alleged stabber as Paul Fitzgerald, a 29-year-old inmate from Northern Ireland who was jailed for sex attacks on a female dog-walker, a 15-year-old girl, and an elderly woman. He even bragged in his journal, “I love raping women,” adding that “even if I was going to re-offend, they couldn’t stop me.”

Richard Huckle
Authorities suspect that Richard Huckle would’ve sexually abused hundreds more children if he made it out of prison. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Investigators believe that Huckle would have molested and raped hundreds more children if he ever made it out of prison. Although he was sentenced to 22 consecutive life sentences, the court could have allowed him to be released after just 25 years. He would have been in his 50s at the time.

Thankfully, Huckle is no longer a threat to society. Unfortunately, it took another sadistic criminal to ensure that the convicted pedophile never again harmed another child.