Thief Caught Red-Handed Thinks She’ll Get Away By Dropping Packages — Wrong

When a man caught a woman stealing packages off his porch, he hit record and confronted her. After catching her red-handed, he was stunned she had the guts to talk to him the way she did before throwing his packages down. If she thought that dropping the loot would help her get away, however, she was greatly mistaken.

Rianna Medina
Rianna Medina (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Rianna Medina of Montebello, California, is one gutsy criminal. The 20-year-old woman brazenly walked up to homes in broad daylight, taking packages that didn’t belong to her right off other people’s porches. When she approached one house in Alhambra, however, she found out she picked the wrong home to burglarize — but that was only one of her many, many mistakes.

As Medina was making her way down the walk with her bounty cradled in her arms, she came face to face with the homeowner. She tried to play it cool, but it was too late. The man already saw the woman circling his house and realized what she was doing long before she spotted him. He whipped out his cellphone and flipped on the camera as he prepared to confront her.

Rianna Medina
Rianna Medina (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“You know I live here,” the homeowner told Medina on video as she tries to walk off with two boxes that were delivered to the unnamed man’s front door earlier that day. Holding his property in her arms as she attempted to walk away, an indignant Medina tried to tell him that her mother lives at the home. Of course, the homeowner disputed her claim, threatening to call the police.

Medina became belligerent before dropping the packages on the ground and fleeing on foot. According to the homeowner, she flicked him off as she walked away, but she was the one about to get a huge middle finger, courtesy of the courts. Medina wouldn’t escape justice for long after making quite a few errors while carrying out her criminal plot, all of which would catch up with her and land her exactly where she belonged — jail.

Rianna Medina
Rianna Medina (Photo Credit: Alhambra Police Department)

With the woman’s face clearly seen on the homeowner’s video, police immediately began searching for the culprit. And, she wasn’t going to be hard to identify since she hadn’t exactly dressed for criminal mischief. Wearing a tank top might have been a good choice for the warm California sun, but it was a horrible decision for someone who didn’t want to get caught after committing a crime — especially when their tattoos were on full display.

Investigators put Medina’s tattoos into a database, according to a newscast on CBS Los Angeles, and eventually got a hit. Meanwhile, the Alhambra Police Department had posted the homeowner’s video on its Facebook page, seeking community help to track her down. As it went viral, they received numerous tips from Medina’s own friends and family. After she was identified, Medina was easy to track down.

Media was found in a motel in Rosemead and arrested. That’s when she realized the many other mistakes she had made. For starters, her victim was an appliance repairman and the packages she attempted to steal were repair parts worth about $1,000. That’s grand theft.

The fact that she didn’t actually steal them and left empty handed instead, having dropped them before she fled, didn’t matter. The intent was clear, and that’s all that was needed for police to charge her with committing a crime. Rianna Medina knew her ship was sunk, crying in court, according to CBS.

Rianna Medina pleaded no contest to second-degree commercial burglary and grand theft of personal property. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail, ordered to complete 180 days of a live-in residential treatment program following the jail sentence, and placed on formal probation for five years.

More and more people have turned to online shopping as a way to free up time. But, package theft by criminals like Medina has turned the convenience into a huge risk with hard-working Americans getting their property swiped from their porch. It’s nice to see justice served and an example made, sending a message that if you want something, work for it — or you might end up paying a steep price for that package you tried to pick up.