‘Racist’ Bus Driver Waits Until Student Exits Bus, Mom Demands Justice

During a stop, a Utah school bus driver waited until a biracial student walked to the front of the bus and stepped off the platform. It was then that the other children watched as the elderly driver did the unthinkable.

John Naisbitt
Bus driver John Naisbitt has been accused of racial abuse for what he did to a student. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although children can be exceptionally cruel, parents never expect bullying to come from the adults entrusted with caring for their offspring in the public school system. Unfortunately, this appears to be the case when bus driver John Naisbitt seemingly launched a racist attack on a student.

Both mainstream and alternative media would have us believe that racism lurks around every corner, as the narrative is an extremely profitable one, but America is undoubtedly the most diverse, progressive, and accepting nation in history. Of course, that is not to say that true bigots don’t exist. While they certainly do, they are few and far between, which is why its such a shock and outrage when they rear their ugly heads.

John Naisbitt
John Naisbitt, 78, claims he’s not racist, joking that his black “dog” was proof. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

While working as a bus driver for the Davis School district in Utah, 78-year-old John Naisbitt horrified onlookers when he allegedly targeted a 14-year-old biracial student. After stopping for kids to exit, surveillance footage captures Naisbitt waiting until a mixed-race boy steps off the platform, trapping his backpack in between the doors. It was then that the children behind the boy watched in horror as Naisbitt took off.

CNN reports that Naisbitt drove approximately 150 to 175 feet with the child still trapped in the doors, dragging him in a terrifying excursion. The camera shows Naisbitt suddenly slamming the doors shut before the boy could even fully step off the platform, oddly blocking the other children behind him from exiting at their stop. The driver then speeds up, dragging the boy for over half the length of a football field before slowing down to stop.

The footage has understandably raised questions, pointing out the likelihood that Naisbitt intentionally targeted the boy. However, in a bizarre and uncomfortable interview, the elderly driver denied being racist toward anyone. Reached by CNN affiliate KSTU at his home in Hooper, Utah, Naisbitt said he was “not at all” racist. “No,” he said. “Look at my dog. He’s as black as could be.”

Naisbitt claims that he didn’t even see the boy, but his excuse doesn’t explain why he shut the doors before the other children could exit or why he didn’t listen to their cries for him to stop and free the boy from the doors. He even alleged that the child staged the incident because he had previously disciplined his brother.

John Naisbitt
The footage shows that John Naisbitt shut the doors before all students could exit and ignored the cries of the students behind the boy. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The victim’s mother isn’t taking Naisbitt’s excuse at face value. According to Brenda Mayes, her son was targeted because of his skin color, and she’s determined to win a civil rights lawsuit against the driver. “I was glad he didn’t kill him. I was glad he didn’t go under the wheels,” she told CNN.

Mayes explained that this isn’t the first time her son had problems with the driver. She states that Naisbitt has repeatedly bullied other “biracial students,” which led to multiple complaints and police reports filed against him. One lawsuit even accused him of displaying “racial animus and discriminatory conduct” toward other students. However, she says that the school district did absolutely nothing to stop his behavior and merely ignored the problems.

Brenda Mayes has filed a civil rights lawsuit against John Naisbitt on behalf of her son. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Naisbitt confirmed that he retired several days after the incident, possibly fearing termination due to his conduct. However, many feel that it’s not enough that he is no longer working for the district, arguing that he escaped justice.

The district refused to comment on the incident, citing the pending lawsuit. However, Davis School District spokeswoman Shauna Lund assured that they take “any claims of racial discrimination seriously and does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination in our schools.” Only time will tell whether or not Naisbitt will be punished for his alleged racial abuse.