Pixee Fox After 15 Surgeries and 6 Ribs Removed Cartoon Pursuit Goes Too Far

After 15 Surgeries And 6 Ribs Removed, Woman’s Pursuit Goes Too Far

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A woman was so obsessed with a cartoon character, she underwent 15 surgeries to obtain her ideal physique, including the removal of six ribs. Although she’s happy with her new appearance, many say she took her obsession too far. You may agree after seeing the photos.

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Pixee Fox, a 25-year-old former electrician turned model from Sweden, always wanted to resemble a cartoon character. Initially, she strived to look like Tinker Bell, then Jessica Rabbit, and eventually Holli Would from “Cool World,” a 1992 live-action/animated thriller-fantasy. Although most people realize these characters are fictional with physiques that are far from realistic, Pixee felt the need to try to become a real-life version of a cartoon.

Pixee has since made every effort to make that dream a reality, wearing a corset nearly 24/7 and spending almost $120,000 dollars on plastic surgery. In addition to multiple nose jobs, Pixee underwent surgery to remove six of her ribs in order to obtain Jessica Rabbit’s unrealistic waistline. Finally feeling like she had almost reached her goal, she was ready to show off her new appearance, but not everyone was impressed, especially when they see what she looked like before (below).

Prior to her transformation, Pixee Fox already had remarkable measurements that most women would envy. After all, 30-24-34 isn’t a shabby figure at all. But, it wasn’t good enough for Pixee, who transformed herself to measurements that simply can’t be naturally obtained. Measuring in at 38-16-38, her appearance looks as unusual as it sounds, and it draws all kinds of attention.

“People often come up to me and say, ‘Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon,’ but for me, that’s a compliment, that’s what I want to achieve,” Pixee explained, according to Barcroft TV. “Those cartoon characters represent the idealization of the female body. I want to have the tiny waist, the butt, big boobs, big eyes, and a really pretty face. Having my ribs removed was just another step in achieving that ideal.”

Posted by Pixee Fox on Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pixee Fox has a long list of surgeries, including four rhinoplasties to sculpt her nose, four breast augmentations to take her from an A to a J cup, an operation on her upper eyelids, two rounds of liposuction, injectable fillers in her lips and cheeks, a butt lift, and even a labiaplasty to achieve a “designer vagina,” according to Daily Mail. And, of course, the most controversial surgery of all: the removal of six ribs to obtain a record-breakingly small waist.

The five-hour rib operation was an irreversible procedure that many surgeons refuse to perform when requested for cosmetic reasons alone, but Dr. Barry Eppley agreed to do the surgery in Indianapolis. “Getting my ribs removed has always been a dream of mine, but it was really hard, almost impossible, to find a surgeon to do it,” Pixee recalled. “The only reason I have been able to do it now is that doctors finally started taking me seriously. They can see I’m not a crazy person and that I know what I’m doing.”

Even after her controversial waist operation, Pixee Fox, who had moved to North Carolina, had no plans of quitting her ongoing transformation. And, over the years, she’s had more rounds of procedures, even though she was already unrecognizable from the person she used to be.

As one would guess, the attention she’s garnered hasn’t been free of criticism. With nearly half a million followers on Instagram and counting, Pixee insists she is a good role model, but others strongly disagree.


“Horrible role model for young girls everywhere. This isn’t beauty. This is surgery. Get it straight,” one such critic commented on social media. But, according to Pixee Fox, it takes more than just surgery to give her the look she desires.

Pixee says she works out daily for up to four or five hours and mainly eats smoothies made out of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It’s worth noting, however, her diet isn’t completely by choice. Eating substantial food such as bread or meat has become a struggle since it’s uncomfortable due to her self-inflicted condition and restrictive corset.

Posted by Pixee Fox on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

“There are six billion people on the planet. Why should everyone look the same? It’s boring,” Pixee said, defending her decisions. “I’m not unhappy with the way I look now. I just enjoy tweaking it,” she furthered. But, it has come at a cost beyond diet restrictions and criticism.

While her impossibly tiny waist, inflated cleavage, and unnaturally plump lips have allowed her to feel like she just stepped out of a cartoon, Pixee’s lower internal organs, including the liver, have lost some of their natural protection with the removal of her ribs. This can be extremely dangerous to her health if she’s ever in an accident. Rather than a fractured rib, which can be easily mended, she might lacerate her spleen instead.

Perhaps more dangerous is her influence over others, though. Pixee said she has spent $119,000 on surgeries alone — not including lost wages, medications, or traveling expenses, which would add thousands of dollars more. Although she said she paid for 11 procedures out of her own pocket, the rest, including her fourth breast augmentation, were paid for by her social media fans — money that could have gone to much more worthy causes.

It’s one thing to have cartoon characters creating unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of what a woman should look like. It’s another to have a living, breathing female further that fallacy with dangerous elective surgeries. Pixee Fox may be proud of what she’s become, but I feel inclined to tell all women to love yourself as God created you. If you have copious cash to spend on self-improvement, put it toward your education or a humanitarian effort rather than attempting to replicate a cartoon character.

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