Pervert Flees After Attacking Woman In Locker Room, But Can’t Outrun Gym Owner

After a sexual predator assaulted a young woman in a fitness club changing room, he quickly fled the scene. However, just when he thought he’d gotten away with it, he discovered that he couldn’t outrun the incredibly athletic gym owner.

Pervert Attacks Woman In Locker Room, But Can't Outrun Gym Owner
After attacking a woman in a fitness club’s changing room, the fleeing suspect mistakenly believed he had escaped scot-free. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

In a fitness center in Lahr, Germany, a young woman faced a nightmarish scenario when a migrant “fugitive” followed her into the woman’s changing room. The 21-year-old man grabbed the woman with the intention of sexually assaulting her, prompting his female victim to scream for help.

Realizing that her cries would alert others, the migrant quickly fled the scene, rushing out the doors of the gym and down the street. Unfortunately for him, he picked one of the worst locations in which to victimize a helpless female.

Pervert Attacks Woman In Locker Room, But Can't Outrun Gym Owner
The gym owner chased down the migrant and tackled him, pinning him to the ground until police arrived. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

As soon as the gym owner realized what had happened, he sprinted after the migrant, chasing him down the street, easily catching up to him. Refusing to allow the sexual predator to get away with his crime, the fitness manager tackled the migrant, pinned him down on a grassy median, and detained him until police arrived.

In video footage obtained by Badische Zeitung, the migrant is seen uselessly struggling to wriggle free from the gym owner. Within seconds, nearby police officers join the tussle, allowing the fitness club owner to back off of the suspect so that they may place him in handcuffs.

Although the heroic gym owner rightfully handed the migrant over to the police, the suspect, who was initially falsely reported as a refugee, unfortunately, slipped through the cracks of the justice system. Initially, the man was charged with sexual assault. However, the police soon reduced the charge before releasing him altogether.

According to Badische Zeitung, a judge determined that since the offender was prevented from sexually assaulting the woman in the changing room by her cries, he didn’t actually commit a crime. Dismissing an accusation of attempted sexual assault, the court ultimately freed the migrant.

Pervert Attacks Woman In Locker Room, But Can't Outrun Gym Owner
The charge against the suspect was soon reduced, although a new charge has since been brought against him. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Luckily, an indictment is being brought against the suspect on suspicion of coercion under section 240 of Germany’s Criminal Code. If convicted, the man faces up to 3 years in prison or a monetary fee.

Fortunately, the young woman was saved from possible rape that day, and her attacker was prevented from escaping. Hopefully, his actions will be punished under the new charge.