Teacher Scolds 6-Year-Old For Saying ‘Girl, Boy’ — Parents File Lawsuit

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An elementary school teacher began showing videos on gender fluidity to first-graders. Soon, the teacher reprimanded students for using the terms “boy” and “girl,” telling them “there’s no such thing.” The district was put into a panic after a 6-year-old’s parents filed a lawsuit against both the school and teacher.

Pamela Buffone Teacher Chastises 6 For Saying Girl Boy Parents File Lawsuit
Pamela Buffone was shocked when she discovered what her 6-year-old daughter was being taught about gender in Canada. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Children develop in such a way that their brains unquestionably adopt whatever information they’re fed because they don’t yet have the capacity to rationalize issues. Subsequently, they tend to assume whatever behavior is encouraged by the role models in their lives. So, when Pamela Buffone and her husband discovered that their daughter’s first-grade teacher was contradicting the fundamentals of her upbringing, they took immediate action.

According to The Christian Post, a first-grade teacher, who remains unnamed, at Devonshire Community Public School in Ontario began the unconventional curriculum by showing 6-year-old students a YouTube video on gender called “He, She, and They?!? — Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2.” The segment teaches children that gender lies on a spectrum and that they can be an amalgamation of their choosing.

Pamela Buffone Teacher Chastises 6 For Saying Girl Boy Parents File Lawsuit
The teacher showed students a video on gender fluidity and told the 6-year-old children that “there’s no such thing” as boys and girls. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When their 6-year-old daughter came home confused about gender, Pamela Buffone and her husband began digging into what was being taught in the classroom. The mother discovered that the teacher had drawn a “gender spectrum” on the board with “girl” at one end and “boy” at the other, asking students to identify where they are on the spectrum. When Buffone’s daughter selected “girl,” the teacher informed her that the option doesn’t exist, which caused the little girl great distress.

“At the age of 6, she was just figuring out that animals are divided into boys and girls; when she met a new dog on the street, for example, she would ask ‘is it a boy or a girl?,’” Buffone said. “So she was very confused by what her teacher was saying and was struggling to understand what it meant for her as a girl.”

Indignant that the school would allow such teaching to children so young, Buffone and her husband initially filed a human rights complaint against the school board, principal, and teacher. However, the family upgraded their complaint to a full-blown lawsuit, alleging that the teaching violated the child’s rights to security of the person, as she was scared that she might not be a girl.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which specializes in Canadian constitutional law, agreed to represent the Buffones and their daughter. The institution confirmed that they believe the child’s human rights were violated by the teacher’s instruction.

“When the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms agreed to assist us, their lawyers thought we should raise the Charter arguments and highlight that this is also a case of discrimination on the basis of sex, not just gender identity,” she explained.

Buffone suggests that confusing young girls about sex and gender impacts women’s rights altogether. She explained that it reinforces gender stereotypes by relaying that “if you don’t conform to a particular stereotype, then you are literally the opposite sex.”

“So women’s rights are being redefined away from female rights to the rights of people who identify as a stereotype. It’s a terrible message to be sending to girls or anyone, because it undermines the value and dignity we have as humans by separating what it means to be human from our biological reality,” she said.

Pamela Buffone went forward with a human rights lawsuit against Devonshire Community Public School. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Buffone was told by the teacher that it is school policy to teach gender fluidity. The mother says that the school is encouraging these newfound identities by praising gender non-conforming kids over cis-gender children “because they don’t have some unique and celebrated identity.”

Buffone called on parents to get involved in their children’s education and social life. She explained that most parents have no idea just how much their kids are being bombarded with the message that their gender identity is the most important and single-defining factor of their lives.

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