Cop Places 8-Year-Old Boy In Patrol Car — Then Becomes A Local Hero

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After a police officer arrived at an elementary school, he proceeded to place an 8-year-old boy in his patrol vehicle. When spectators realized why, their hearts immediately sank.

Officer Darryl Robinson Takes Forgotten 8-Year-Old Boy To McDonalds
When no one came to pick up an 8-year-old student, a Wisconsin school contacted the local police department. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

With endless reporting on incidents of alleged police brutality, many Americans have adopted a negative view of law enforcement officials like Officer Darryl Robinson. This stigma has unfortunately created an atmosphere in certain communities that is widely anti-cop. Subsequently, police departments are pulling together every available resource in an effort to re-establish a healthy relationship with citizens.

While there will always be some people who are wary of anyone with a badge and gun, there are still police officers who are willing to go above and beyond to prove that they are individuals with a concern for their communities. Of course, there’s no better proof of the truth than what was captured when Officer Robinson thought no one was watching.

Officer Darryl Robinson Takes Forgotten 8-Year-Old Boy To McDonalds
When Officer Darryl Robinson arrived and took the boy in his patrol car, no one expected where he would take him. (Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

When no one showed up to collect a Wisconsin elementary student at the end of the day, school officials contacted the Green Bay Police Department. Shortly after, Officer Darryl Robinson arrived to take the boy himself and track down the child’s parents. However, when he placed the boy in his patrol vehicle, he quickly realized that this was no ordinary child.

Officer Robinson soon discovered that not only was it the boy’s 8th birthday, he also found out that one of the young man’s parents is incarcerated and that he currently lives with his elderly grandfather. Understanding the difficulties the boy has been facing, Officer Robinson knew exactly where to take him.

Officer Darryl Robinson Takes Forgotten 8-Year-Old Boy To McDonalds
When Officer Darryl Robinson discovered that it was the boy’s birthday and that he lived with his grandfather because of his parent’s incarceration, he drove him to McDonald’s for a birthday surprise. (Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Officer Darryl Robinson drove the thrilled child around in his patrol car before taking him to McDonald’s and buying him a Happy Meal out of his own pocket. He then talked and laughed with him about his interests while showing him around the city in an effort to make his birthday a special one until he finally managed to get in touch with his grandfather, according to CBS News.

“He was very excited to ride in one,” Officer Robinson said. “I brought him to McDonald’s, got him a sandwich. He loved playing with the toy in his Happy Meal.”

Although Officer Robinson’s small act of kindness certainly made the boy’s day, the celebration was far from over. Once the department heard about their officer’s virtuous effort, his superiors posted the story on social media, prompting thousands to take notice. It was then that the thanks to Officer Robinson as well as donated gifts for the little boy began pouring in.

Humbly dismissing the deserved praise, Officer Robinson explained that this is just part of being a police officer. He stressed that taking care of your community begins with cultivating a personal relationship with the citizens, especially those who’ve been forgotten by the world.

“Officers do this every day — not just police, but different public service jobs as well. All of us do this. It’s not rare,” Officer Robinson said. “I think it doesn’t get recognized enough.”

Officer Darryl Robinson is rightfully being hailed as a local hero. His quiet compassion has impacted not only his neighborhood but the entire nation as social media users spread his story. While there are both good and bad people who wear the iconic blue uniform, it would certainly help unify the country to hear more stories about those who care for their community and the individuals in it.