Shoeless Woman Has Trouble Walking, Concerned Citizen Calls Police

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A Los Angeles area police department received a call about a woman sitting on a city bench and acting strangely. Concerned citizens were asking for a police officer to be sent to the scene to do a welfare check. An officer approached the woman and began questioning her, and that’s when the situation took an unexpected turn.

Officer Danny Antillon responded to a call about a woman in rough shape, sitting on a bench at the northeast corner of East Route 66 and Elwood Avenue in the San Gabriel Valley community of Glendora. While checking on the welfare of the woman, he could see that she had a walking cane and also noticed that she wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Perplexed by her situation, he asked her where her shoes were. The disabled woman told him that someone had stolen them from her the night before, so she had to walk a while in just her socks. However, she couldn’t go any further since her feet were in so much pain. “She was having some issues walking,” said Antillon, a 19-year member of the department.

Officer Danny Antillon
Officer Danny Antillon responded to the call and was faced with an unexpected situation. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Officer Danny Antillon knew just what he had to do. This handicapped woman needed his help, and she was going to get it. After hearing about the tragic description of events and circumstances this woman endured, Antillon took action. “She kind of didn’t want any help at the time, but I figure she needed it,” he said.

Another officer stayed with the woman as Antillon drove to the nearest Goodwill. The store wasn’t open, but someone let the persistent officer enter after he knocked on the door. With his own money, he purchased the woman a pair of shoes, but he didn’t stop at just her feet. Antillon provided this desperate citizen a jacket and a bottle of water. She was also given a bus pass from passes donated to the police department.

Officer Danny Antillon
Officer Danny Antillon provided the woman with a pair of shoes, which he purchased with his own money. (Photo Credit: Glendora Police Department)
Officer Danny Antillon
The shoes were the last pair that the store had in her size. (Photo Credit: Glendora Police Department)

Officer Danny Antillon didn’t know that the other officer who responded to the call took photos of the spontaneous act of kindness. The second officer also told the department what happened, according to Tricia Ayers, a spokeswoman for the Glendora Police Department. As the story spread, the officer’s selfless actions touched and inspired thousands.

“Danny Antillon is one of the best we have and his actions don’t surprise me,” said Glendora Police Chief Tim Staab. “I expect officers to fight crime aggressively, but I also hope that they show care and compassion that our community expects. At a time when national rhetoric is so critical of law enforcement, it’s good to be reminded of outstanding work that our officers perform on a daily basis, but goes unnoticed.”

Officer Danny Antillon
The woman was very happy to have a new pair of shoes. (Photo Credit: Glendora Police Department)

Officer Danny Antillon had a decision to make. Once he learned that the woman wasn’t in immediate danger and was just in some discomfort after an awful person stole her shoes, he could have simply decided to move on to more pressing calls. But, he made a wise choice and decided to do something to make her day a little better. “She seemed pretty happy,” Antillon said.

It’s always nice to hear a story about a humanitarian deed like this. By his caring actions, Officer Antillon showed the disabled woman that she’s never alone and that help is only a call away. Most cops want to serve the people in their communities, not just enforce laws and write tickets. This cop did more for this woman than just give her a few necessities, leaving her with a smile and putting her back on her feet in more ways than one.

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