After Teen Gets Suspended, Mom Dishes Out Punishment

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After a teenage boy was suspended from school, his mom wanted to ensure he learned his lesson. So, she devised what she thought was a suitable punishment. Little did she know, her different approach to discipline would soon have her entire neighborhood making headlines as fellow residents and parents got involved, ensuring the teen gained some lifelong insight.

Nyia Williams
Nyia Williams (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

When Nyia Williams learned that her 10th-grade son, Amaurryon Johnson, had been suspended from school for five days, she wanted to ensure that the boy learned a valuable lesson. As the San Joaquin County, California mother of four explained, she wanted to take a different approach to discipline rather than dishing out a more typical punishment for the teen.

“I just thought of something, you know what can I do for my son as a punishment,” Nyia Williams said.

As Nyia began to devise her punishment, she knew she wanted something more than just taking away a laptop or her son’s phone. The mom wanted something that would also teach the boy about community and giving back. However, since this wasn’t Amaurryon’s first suspension, Nyia had to get creative.

“My yard is already done, he’s done the yard perfect all summer since the first time he’s got suspended,” Nyia said.

Nyia Williams knew her 10th-grade son, Amaurryon Johnson, was capable of lawn care. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Knowing her son was capable of lawn work, Nyia decided to put up an ad on Facebook, offering her son’s services, free of charge to people in need in their neighborhood. Much to Nyia’s surprise, dozens of people responded to the offer as neighbors quickly came to the mom’s aid — not only because they could use some free lawn care but because they wanted to applaud the mom and her efforts.

“I just thought it was such an awesome thing that she was doing,” Stephanie Cruz said. “I just thought we can help and save a couple of hours to help her teach her son what she wanted to do.”

Rather than bulk at the punishment, Amaurryon took it like a man and hit the ground running, one lawn at a time, according to Pix11. Surprisingly, the boy was grateful for the discipline and the valuable lesson his mother provided him with the unique punishment.

“I really appreciate this from her,” Amaurryon said of his mother. “I don’t really know what to say,” he added with a smile as his mom gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Nyia Williams
After Nyia Williams punished her son, he admitted that he appreciated his mother’s discipline. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Admitting that he actually enjoyed the work, Amaurryon added that he would continue to mow lawns after his suspension was over, but this time, he hoped to do it to earn some extra cash.

“After doing one or two I started liking it,” Amaurryon admitted.

However, Amaurryon had already gotten something in return for his efforts that money can’t buy — a lesson in community, hard work, and the value of giving back.

“I felt like I took from the community, so it’s good to give back to the community,” Amaurryon said.

As for Nyia Williams, she admitted that she “felt great” about teaching her son valuable lessons while also hoping to keep him out of trouble. Others seemed to agree as she garnered support not only from her community but from people online, according to Atlanta Black Star, which shared comments from social media users:

“Awesome! Why are more parents NOT doing this? Admirable parenting! Great job!”

“I like this mom’s approach and it looks like the young man learned his lesson in a positive way. She’s an inspiration. Very creative.”

“Wonderful parenting. Such a great job. In my family going to school was the job and when that job was not done up to the potential, well we got that person a job at McDonalds (which this person did not like). Best job ever at teaching. Way to go.”

“This is one lesson he will never forget. Great thinking Mom. Best lesson ever. He is going to grow up to be a great man.”

Indeed, Amaurryon Johnson isn’t the only one who learned a valuable lesson from his mom, Nyia Williams. The Stockton, California mother also taught parents around the web a lesson too, reminding us all to think outside the box. Parenting is arguably the most challenging responsibility one can undertake, especially during the teen years, so unique methods of “punishment” that produce results are always worth applauding — as well as sharing.