Man Allegedly Burned Woman’s Genitals, She Silenced Him For Good

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After years of alleged abuse by the father of her two kids, one New York woman had enough. When he allegedly pointed a loaded gun at the young mother and promised to kill her, that’s when she silenced him for good.

Nikki Addimando
Nikki Addimando (Credit: YouTube)

According to Nikki Addimando, the mother of two had endured six years of sick abuse at the hands of her domestic partner, Chris Grover. Her therapist, Sarah Caprioli, said Grover repeatedly burned Addimando’s vagina with a scorching spoon heated over the stove when she was pregnant, Page Six reported.

“Medical experts including a midwife and nurse — whom Addimando had asked at the hospital to document her wounds in case she left Grover and needed evidence for a child custody battle — said they had seen severe swelling and burns on her genital area,” Page Six added.

Excerpts from Nikki Addimando’s hospital medical records (Credit:

Elizabeth Clifton, one of Addimando’s close friends, alerted the New York mother of finding a Pornhub account of a man who matched Grover’s description, featuring photos and videos of a bound and gagged Addimando being raped and tortured. Addimando had been to New York hospitals several times with bruises and burns. Still, she refused to press charges, police said. She was frightened that Grover would eventually kill her.

Addimando claims it wasn’t until Grover pulled a loaded gun and pointed it at her that she finally snapped. “Christopher Grover pointed a gun at his partner and the mother of his two children, Nikki Addimando, and told her that he was going to kill her and then shoot himself,” Page Six reported. “And then,” he said, “your kids will have no one.”

Nikki Addimando
Nikki Addimando called police after shooting Chris Grover (Credit: YouTube)

It wasn’t the first time that Grover had threatened Addimando, but it would be the last time. Addimando was able to grab the gun and fired a bullet into the skull of Grover after he had allegedly routinely beaten and degraded her for last six years.

Addimando was arrested and convicted of second-degree murder. She was given 19 years to life in prison. However, her story grabbed the attention of domestic violence survivors across the country who believed Addimando’s sentence did not take into account the years of documented abuse she endured. With the help of other abuse survivors and her new attorneys, Addimando appealed her sentencing.

New York state had previously passed the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act. The first time her attorneys tried in court to reduce Nikki Addimando’s sentence under the new domestic violence act, they were denied. The second time, her abuse was recognized by the court, and her sentence got reduced from 19 years to life to 7½  years. “Nicole Addimando is no longer facing life in prison. But she will remain imprisoned,” Poughkeepsie Journal reported. 

“The Poughkeepsie woman… saw her sentence reduced to 7½ years in prison by the state Supreme Court’s Appellate Division,” they added. The appeals court said Addimando proved her claims of abuse “through her lengthy testimony, photographs, and other evidence that Grover repeatedly abused her physically and sexually.”

“We Stand With Nikki” supporters (Credit: Facebook)

Speaking from the Westchester jail, Nikki Addimando said that she asks herself every day how else she should have reacted under the circumstances. “If I could go back in time, I still don’t know in that moment — what I could have done,” she said. “And it happened so fast. I mean, do you know what I should’ve done? Because I’ve been searching for the answer.”

Nearly 573,000 people have signed a petition with the hashtag #FreeNikki. Although her sentence was reduced, her supporters still believe any prison time is an affront to domestic violence survivors everywhere. Addimando’s abuse was well documented, but that wasn’t enough. When abusers use the children as pawns, leaving a situation becomes unfathomable, and that’s a recipe for deadly domestic violence.