Video Captured ‘Most Painful Traffic Stop Ever’ With Defiant Driver

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When a Wisconsin police officer pulled over a woman for driving on a suspended license, he likely never expected what was about to go down. Video of the incident has gone viral after it was deemed the “most painful traffic stop ever,” and it’s hard to disagree as you watch the defiant driver. Unsurprisingly, the woman has an exhaustive list of prior offenses.

Nicole Golomski (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Nicole Golomski, a 33-year-old woman who describes herself as a “proud mom” on Facebook, likely brought nothing but shame and embarrassment down upon herself, her kids, and her entire family after her intense exchange with a police officer during a routine traffic stop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, went viral. Indeed, the woman was captured on body camera video behaving badly as she hurled abuse at the cop, who had the misfortune of pulling her over after scanning her registration number.

It all began when Golomski was pulled over at approximately 5:30 am on a Sunday morning for driving on a suspended license by a cop, who would prove to be incredibly patient with the aggressive female motorist. As seen in the officer’s body cam footage, Golomski, who’s seen smoking a cigarette at the wheel while her passenger isn’t wearing a seatbelt, immediately becomes belligerent, telling the cop to get his flashlight out of her eyes as she hurls expletives. Sadly, it only got worse from there.

Claiming she didn’t do anything illegal, Nicole Golomski berates the police officer for pulling her over, calling him a “dirty, lazy cop” and asking him if he doesn’t have “anything better to do.” She even accuses the officers of “entrapment” and “harassment” before taunting him by saying “breathalyze this” as she breathes dramatically. Meanwhile, Golomski’s boyfriend, Irving Zaragoza, sits in the passenger seat of the car without a seatbelt on.

The enraged female motorist continues to swear and scream at the officer, who’s since won legions of fans for calmly dealing with the abusive driver after the video went viral. Even though the cop cannot be seen in the footage, his voice can be heard, and it’s amazingly calm, cool, and collected as he is repeatedly abused verbally by Golomski.

Nicole Golomski verbally abused the cop and mimicked sex acts during the stop. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As if hurling profanities at the officer wasn’t bad enough, Golomski even mimics a blowjob gesture at the cop at one point, but the patient Wisconsin officer continued to sound unphased. In the astonishing footage, which was dubbed “the most painful traffic stop ever” by the Daily Mail, Golomski bizarrely blamed her “daddy issues” for her attitude towards the male officer, claiming she does not like or trust men.

With all of her screaming and swearing, it’s no surprise Nicole Golomski went viral. Sadly, however, traffic stops aren’t a new occurrence for Golomski, who reportedly had 60 charges to her name dating back to 2007 when she was arrested for taking and driving a vehicle without consent. This time, Golomski was charged with driving while suspended, but it doesn’t appear that she learned her lesson at all.

Nicole Golomski
Nicole Golomski reportedly had 60 charges to her name dating back to 2007. (Photo Credit: Portage County Jail)

Instead, Golomski was reportedly pulled over by officers again just two days after the incident, according to court records. Then, days later, she was arrested once again, this time in Columbia, for a “traffic forfeiture.” Days before the first incident, Golomski revealed on social media that she was “going through a tough time” and had set up a GoFundMe page, explaining that her son’s father had been deported to Mexico.

According to Daily Mail, the fundraising page attracted no donations, but the now-viral video got more attention than Golomski likely anticipated. The footage, which quickly garnered millions of views after being uploaded to the “Code Blue Cam” YouTube channel, left many commenters horrified by Golomski’s obnoxious attitude and behavior, which was likened to that of a spoiled child by many. In contrast, the law enforcement officer involved received heaping praise.

“This is the result of a child that was never told no. I’m sure her parents are so proud,” one disturbed viewer wrote while another added, “This was literally the chillest cop I’ve ever seen, I have no idea how he wasn’t yelling at that woman.”

A third YouTube user agreed, writing, “Can we take a moment to give a shout out to the brave men and women who have to put up with entitled people like this.”

Nicole Golomski
Nicole Golomski (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Many echoed similar sentiments, saying our boys in blue deserve the utmost respect and appreciation, applauding the officer who did a “good job” handling the stop by keeping his cool the entire time, and I’d have to agree with their assessment. The cop, who is believed to be Portage County Sheriff Deputy Benjamin Beaudoin, does indeed deserve the props he was given.

Regardless of what a civilian is going through, it’s no excuse to break the law and then lambast the police for simply holding you accountable. As a society, we should expect better. Luckily, the officer gave us a great example of how to appropriately handle difficult people and situations. The same can’t be said for the “proud mom.”