‘Boss Lady’ Spots Hungry White Guy, Shares Photo Of Their Encounter

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Natasha Robinson was leaving school when she walked past a strange man outside the campus. When she saw what he was doing, the self-described “boss lady” immediately inserted herself into the situation, posting a photo of the encounter on social media afterword.
Natasha Robinson (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Natasha Robinson calls herself a “boss lady.” It’s not because she has a bad attitude. Nope. It’s because she gets the job done… like a boss. Natasha was by herself when she noticed an older gentleman who was also alone. The unnamed man was in ragged clothes, rummaging through a dumpster in search of any discarded food to hold him over until the morning. She approached him with a generous offer to buy him food, and he kindly accepted without hesitation.

After they agreed upon Wendy’s, Natasha walked with him to the hamburger chain. He humbly offered to order something small from the dollar menu, as to not be an imposition, but she insisted that he order a full meal instead. The homeless man was taken aback by this caring stranger, explaining that he hadn’t eaten a thing since morning and that the big meal was appreciated beyond measure.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

When the Wendy’s employees handed him his food, his heart was filled with gladness because of what Natasha had done for him out of her own kindness. Beaming in God’s favor that he was granted that night by this good Samaritan, he gleefully said, “Thank you, Lord, for sending someone!”

God had sent Natasha. She gave all of the praise to Him for giving her the desire to help the needy and the finances to facilitate it. “As a Christian woman, the word tells me to LOVE my neighbor, and in loving my neighbor that means being my brother’s keeper and helping when he needs it,” Natasha explained. “He needed me, and as he hugged and prayed for me in that moment, I realized that I needed him as well.”

Natasha Robinson
Natasha Robinson (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Natasha said her blessings have always come from God, not man. “I saw a need, I met the need,” she said. “I pray that others will take time to pay it forward. I think more people should look at the big picture, step outside and see that there are so many people without. We that have more should be willing to help.”

Before the two parted ways, the homeless man had the sweetest request for the woman who just fed him — he asked if he could take a selfie with her on her phone, then gave an endearing reason as to why it was important to him. “The world needs to know what a blessing looks like,” he said, explaining his reason for wanting her to snap a picture and asking her to show others.

Natasha Robinson
Natasha Robinson and the homeless man (Photo Credit: Facebook)

There was one last thing Natasha did for him before saying goodbye. She prayed with the man who was clearly in need, asking for God to protect him and be with him always. Then, she gave him a much-needed hug that he probably hasn’t received from anyone in far too long. The two parted ways, leaving him to never forget what someone did for him, while others would have looked the other direction.

God placed this woman on this man’s path that night to be a blessing to one of His children and do His work. It’s clear how much one little gesture can help someone less fortunate. There are angels who walk among us, and anyone can be one at any time if you have the heart to help another.