Mom Breastfeeds Son After Crash, Onlookers Notice Her Mangled Leg

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A woman was spotted in broad daylight casually breastfeeding her son in public, which didn’t seem all that strange until people got a closer look at what else was occurring. A group of onlookers couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched from a distance and didn’t do a thing about what was going on — except record it on video.

A woman was breastfeeding her son in public, which didn’t seem strange until people got a closer look. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

While breastfeeding openly, like this woman was doing, has been a point of controversy for many opinionated people, that part wasn’t the biggest shock in this situation. Witnesses were stunned that she not only had her son with her but decided to feed him in the middle of what else was happening at that moment.

The unidentified Brazilian mother was involved in a motorcycle accident, where the bike she was riding on was crushed beneath a car. The woman was badly injured and her son seemed terrified, but he was otherwise in good condition, unlike her.

Breastfeeding broken leg
Screenshots from the video of the mom who was seen breastfeeding in public by shocked viewers (Photo Credit: YouTube)

As she sat on the side of the road, surrounded by her own blood and the wreckage from the accident, she put her child’s needs before her own. Her leg was mangled, and her foot was broken and even facing the wrong direction, all while she kept her son’s attention away from the horror and breastfed him.

Her selfless move to feed her son among what had to be a chaotic and painful time for her could have had other benefits beyond distraction for the baby as well. Since it’s assumed that the child was with her during the crash, nursing him at her breast could also have helped to alleviate any discomfort he may have been feeling since breastfeeding has been found to relieve a baby’s pain.

Breastfeeding can relieve the pain of babies having injections, scientists say. Researchers found that infants who were held and breastfed while doctors took a blood sample cried and grimaced less. Their heartbeats remained slower and steadier than those of babies who were simply held by their mothers, suggesting they suffered less stress. [Source: Daily Mail]

Breastfeeding broken leg
The motorbike trapped under the car (left), the mom with her badly broken leg while breastfeeding her son (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Bravely bearing through what had to be immense pain, the mother waited for medical help to arrive, but she knew that her son’s needs must come before her own. This went beyond a baby who couldn’t miss a meal. This child needed to be comforted, and what better way than through breastfeeding?

After passersby began to gather, shocked by the mother’s ability to cast her own needs aside for her son, someone must have called for help while another recorded the graphic footage, which first appeared on the video-sharing site LiveLeak. According to the Mirror, another victim is seen bleeding on the ground behind the mom, as the witnesses anxiously await emergency responders, but they didn’t appear to attempt any first aid on their own in the meantime.

Considering everything that was occurring in this instance, this mother deserves all the applause and respect for doing what she needed to do for her son to comfort him, all while ignoring her own immediate needs. In a time when public breastfeeding is too often regarded by some people as perverse and inappropriate, this mother proved how important that bond can be, regardless of whether it makes someone else uncomfortable.

A mother’s love is more powerful than people’s opinions and her own physical pain. This was about prioritizing her child’s needs over her own, and this is one mom from whom so many others could learn. When it comes down to it, nothing in your own life is so big that it trumps your child’s needs, and this mother provided the perfect example of how parenting is done right.

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